As a groom, you may think that popping the question is monumental enough. But did you
know that you have many duties as the newlywed-to-be? Utah Bride & Groom has compiled
this handy checklist of your responsibilities and tips for pulling them all off with flair.

coordinate the men’s attire:

Shop early for the wedding party’s tuxedos. Once you’ve picked out the most thrilling threads for the big day and arranged fittings with the groomsmen, sign a contract with the rental store and specify the following:

* Designer, style and style number(s)

* Color of each

* Number of suits rented

Accessories covered in rental fees (ties, shoes, vests, etc.)

* Date everything can be picked up

* Total cost

* Time frame for fittings and alterations

* Deposit paid and date balance is due or arrangement for payments
from attendants

* Additional fees (fitting, cleaning, late return)

* How store will fix last-minute problems like poor fit, wrong style, etc.

* Refund and cancellation policy

* Date everything must be returned

coordinate the groomsmen duties:

Groomsmen and ushers act as hosts to the wedding guests and as a strong support team for the groom. In fact, you should plan for one groomsman or usher per 50 guests. For responsibilities of the wedding party, see “Wedding Attendant Duties” on page 112 of the planner.

schedule the toasts:

Stage fright a problem for you? It is for most, so start scheduling toasts with your wedding party now so they have time to prepare:

* The best man leads with the toasting, usually after everyone has found a seat and been served the first course of the meal.

* The groom follows with a toast, thanking parents, guests, attendants and your bride.

* The bride does the same after the groom.

* Maid or matron of honor or other wedding attendants follow with toasts, if so inclined.

* After wedding attendants and parents have given toasts, it’s a free-for-all. Anyone and everyone can give a toast.

the marriage license:

Since most Utah counties require both the bride and groom to apply in person, your job as groom is to make a date with your lovely bride-to-be and head to the county courthouse. Consider the following:

* Plan ahead: The marriage license may only be used in the county it is obtained in and within a certain period of time. (In Salt Lake County, the couple has 30 days before the license expires.)

* Have payment ready. A fee of $50 or more is required,
depending on county.

* Bring proper paperwork: You will each need photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.

engrave the rings:

Engraving your wedding bands adds sentimental value to these very important symbols of your love. Consider the following for surprising your bride with her engraved ring:

* Plan ahead: Ring engraving can take several weeks, depending on the jewelry store.

* Make it special: Common engravings consist of the wedding date,
or even better, a sentimental expression or pet name shared by
the couple.

* Keep it short: Unless you have large fingers, not much can fit on the inside of a wedding band. Consider limiting the text to 25 characters.

plan the honeymoon:

While the wedding may be the focus now, starting your life together in a meaningful way is important, too. Start planning a dream vacation for you and your bride.

* Decide on a honeymoon that both you and your bride will enjoy.

* Set a budget and include everything from airline tickets and accommodations to spending money.

* Select a travel agent or investigate honeymoon packages from
travel agencies.

* If you don’t have luggage, consider adding it to the gift registry.

* Keep a record of all your reservations and confirmation numbers, as well as telephone numbers of the travel agent, hotel and car rental.

* Make a copy of your entire itinerary, along with phone numbers where you can be reached. Leave it with someone at home.

* Purchase travelers’ checks or foreign currency if necessary.

* Pack something romantic for a special night as husband and wife. Consider packing your bride’s favorite bottle of wine or some new lingerie for her.

hire the getaway car:

Drive away from the ceremony and reception in something more special than your old Toyota Corolla. Consider renting a vintage car, like a 1954 Rolls Royce sedan, and you can’t go wrong with a traditional limousine.

buy the gifts:

Saying thanks to the one you love and those who helped with the wedding is essential. Etiquette dictates that you must buy a gift for the bride and for your groomsmen, but consider a nice gift for your future in-laws, who traditionally cover most of the financial costs of the wedding. For unique wedding gift ideas for the wedding party, visit