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Forget that over-done, basic bouquet and the same arrangement that all ten of your friends had on their wedding day . . . what you need is something that is yours and something that is you: a horticultural homage to the many shapes and shades of your distinct taste. At least, that’s what the florists at Foxglove Utah think. And frankly, I’m with them.

Based in Utah Valley, this intimate-yet-booming (or should I say blooming) floral shop insists on creating designs that are unique and fitting for every customer and occasion.

“There is no cookie-cutter-arrangement, or mass-production at Foxglove,” owners Ryan and Courtney Carnell explain. In fact, before any botanical-handling commences, the designers find it critical to sit down with each client, share a soda (often caffeinated) in their darling gift-stocked storefront, and get to the heart of every event, its story, and most importantly, its people.

“For us, this is not a hobby. We genuinely care—sometimes we care too much—but honestly, when it comes to floral design, it has to be that way.”

Foxglove Wedding Bouquet

I sat down with Katie Pendleton, one of the four designers at Foxglove (along with Courtney Carnell, Miriam Housley, and Lindsay Selk) who stressed the company’s “let’s get personal” characteristic.

Katie admits that one of the most rewarding things about her job, aside from the creativity and learning that goes into every project, is getting to meet people from all over Utah, share stories, and build positive relationships and experiences.

Now, it is true that there is an abundance of fabulous florists in this wedding-happy valley (lucky us!) but what has struck me about Foxglove and its tiny team is its sincere and candid approach to the local floral industry.

Up until our conversation, Foxglove had relied solely on word-of-mouth recommendations, yet they have flowered countless events all over the Wasatch front—a testament to their impeccable taste and earnest regard.

Wedding Flowers Wedding Bouquet

Foxglove’s local-flower-shop persona, paired with its Royal-Wedding-worthy designs, makes for a stress-free and regal event. The arrangements are artistically tailored, always boasting the best local and international blooms, vegetables, and succulents, and “every arrangement is recognized as a piece of art.”

The company stemmed from decades of trial and discovery by owner Courtney Carnell, and her sense of exploration is evident in Foxglove’s aesthetic. After years of studying floral design with numerous tastes, shops, and teachers from across the country, Courtney returned to Utah in 2013 with a newly-discovered sense of self that bloomed into her own floral studio.

“In a way, a lot of Foxglove was a discovery,” Carnell remarks, and every arrangement created embodies that sense of discovery. Foxglove exists to help customers unearth their own sense of self and realize how that might look in a large lavish spray or a bonny bouquet. “[Clients] come with ideas, and we provide artistic feedback.”

So, when life next calls for a celebration big or small, remember that Foxglove can give rise to your occasion. Or feel free to stop by for an iced drink and some good conversation – I meant what I said about the caffeine-and-candy-stocked storefront.

Photos courtesy of Foxglove

Visit to view more of their work, order flowers, or speak with a designer.

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