Around Town: The Penguin Brothers

If you’re looking for somebody to cater your wedding but feel like you’ve eaten one too many doughnuts in the last year, you’re in luck: Brandon and Blake Barkdull—AKA the Penguin Brothers of Provo—are bringing something big to the world of events and catered treats.

Penguin Brothers

From their large, 1980s pink food truck The Penguin Brothers serve ice-cream sandwiches and only ice-cream sandwiches, therefore focusing on perfecting one of summer’s best treats.

Brandon and Blake are brothers IRL, originally from the Bay Area who both came to Utah for school. This dynamic duo is just as charming and original as their custom-made ice-cream sandwiches.

“This is our first year in the business, and we definitely enjoy catering the most since we can interact with customers more than at public events. We do love our product, but that’s not the reason we do it. The number one motivator is that we love creating fun for people. Whether it’s through our delicious product, crazy outfits, dance moves, or parties we throw, we just love seeing people have a good time.”

And that’s exactly what the Penguin Brothers can provide for your wedding—a fun-filled energy and ambiance that is matched by the quality of their delectable dessert.


So let’s breakdown the process. Their cookies are baked fresh daily—by Sweet Tooth Fairy—and their homemade ice-cream originates from Rockwell Ice Cream Co. in Provo.

If you’re looking for variety, that’s exactly what you’ll get: for weddings, they offer a list of twenty-five ice-cream flavors and six cookies to choose from. Guests are encouraged to march up to their window and order whatever their heart desires, the combinations are endless. Brandon even notes that at one wedding, a little girl “came up six times—we had to cut her off after that.” Laugh all you want, but after tasting these catered creations, I’m sure you’ll be doing just the same. 😉

Penguin Brothers

As if these ice-cream sandwiches aren’t convincing enough, Brandon asserts that “even our outfits are customizable. We have various bowtie/shirt/suspender combinations, or bright baby blue suits to choose from. We try to make the experience as fun and different as possible.”

What more could you want from a caterer? It’s clear that these brothers are fiercely committed to their craft and if you’re seeking a little zest and pizzazz to add to your reception, the Penguin Brothers fit the bill. Trust your sweet tooth and indulge in this timeless finger-licking goodie that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips and satisfaction to your tummy.

Penguin Brothers


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