Shop Talk: Wish Park City

Raise of hands of all you reluctant entertainers out there? Me! Me! Me! I stress about my smallest entertaining endeavors. First, I don’t cook (thank heavens for takeout) and second, I don’t have time to run around town looking for party supplies that don’t offer tired, kitschy themes.

Enter Wish.

Event planner and stylist Emily White of Haute Hostess saves the day with her new boutique in Park City’s Redstone Center at Kimball Junction. True to form, the happy hostess-with-the-mostest packs her new shop with cheerful, on-trend—and low and behold, useful—party goods for any celebration.

Our team got a sneak peek of the shop during their grand opening celebration.

Need oversize, confetti-filled fringe balloons for a birthday party? Sick of sipping out of a red solo cup at outdoor concerts? Hate to gift wrap? Need  classy hostess gifts? Hosting a bridal shower?

Wish is loaded with stylish wrapping paper, sassy letterpress cards, eco-friendly picnic gear, laser-cut cake toppers (made by Utah designer Alexis Maddox) and customizable signage.

Now, who’s ready to host a party?

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