Wedding Band 101

It’s officially engagement season, congratulations all around! But as we creep into wedding season, another ring question reigns supreme: what kind of bling comes after the proposal ring? We got the scoop on wedding and anniversary bands from J. Brooks Jewelers, to help all those couples who aren’t sure what style to go with next. Victoria Angulo, the Marketing & E-Commerce specialist for J. Brooks, sat down with us with her insights on finding the perfect band to represent your marriage:

The Wedding Band


From a designer’s standpoint, some rings are not necessarily made to accompany a wedding band. For example if you are choosing a halo or other fancy-shaped engagement ring, the crown or halo may be set too low to have an anniversary band fit flush next to your ring.   There are two main options here:

If [flush] is the particular style you want, I would be sure to find or make a ring that’s crown is set high enough to have a ring fit underneath, OR plan to have an anniversary band specially made with a curved style to trace your ring.



As far as style goes, we are seeing more of an eclectic stack look be very popular! This meaning a combination of shapes, colors & styles. For example, maybe pairing your solitaire yellow gold engagement ring with a platinum geometric band & classic yellow gold pave set band. Mixing colors & styles in very fun way to add variety to your everyday wear.

We always encourage our customers to choose platinum if they like a white-silver metal. Platinum is our preferred precious metal due to its color & durability. Since platinum is a pure white metal, the color will never change like it does with white gold. In addition, the durability of platinum is higher than any other precious metal, making the prongs of platinum rings last typically twice as long.

Rose Gold

Brooks thinks rose gold has officially made its way as one of the classic metal colors. With that said, we don’t see rose gold going out of style anytime in the near future. Historically, rose gold was actually the most preferred metal color during WWII. Whether it be as the entire ring’s metal color or simply an accent, rose gold is simply the perfect color for those with that rosey pink skin tone.

From 2018 to 2019

In 2018, our most popular diamond shapes were round, oval & cushion diamonds. A rose or yellow gold oval halo was the most popular style of the year! Along with that, we saw solitaires make a very real impression, along with geometric shape bands & halo rings.


We at J. Brooks anticipate fancy shape center stones, 3 stone rings, stacked rings & distinctive halos to be the next engagement ring trends. As for jewelry in general – all things delicate & stacking!

A parting thought:

One of the ideas our jewelry store has proposed to our clients, is to have a stack band represent each of your children, with hope to one day pass those bands to each represented child. This gives you an exciting idea to look forward to when getting engaged or purchasing an anniversary band – giving you a reason to add an eclectic look to your style while building your heirloom collection.


Want to learn about picking the perfect engagement ring first? Try our Engagement Ring Guide on for size!

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