To Do’s and Dont’s: 5 Wedding Day Hair


1. Bring all hair accessories, including your veil to your hair appointment. This ensures that

everything looks exactly as you’d like it for your big day. Make sure that you give these to

your stylist before your hair is done! If you have heavy accessories, it makes a difference!

2. Bring reference materials, the pictures for hair and makeup, even if you’ve already covered

that with your stylist or makeup artist.

3. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare. If you are going to the salon, have travel time plus

15 minutes, minimum, after your appointment. If you are getting ready completely at the

venue, plan for an extra half hour in case something comes up.

4. Especially in our environment, almost everyone’s hair is dry. About a week before, make

sure to get a deep conditioning treatment, whether one at home or in salon, it will make

your hair softer and shiny and altogether more beautiful.

5. Prepare for the worst, have an emergency kit with safety pins, blotting papers, your lipstick

to retouch, hairpins and bobby pins as well as supplies for anything that might come up. If

a hair comes loose, you can fix it right there. Some salons may give this as a gift to their



1. Don’t skip a run through on hair and makeup! This is SO important! Depending on your

hair type, skin type, what you want, what you want to wear with it, techniques and just how

things are done can change. Having a run through is the best way to prevent issues

before they happen.

2. Get a haircut or a color done less than a week or two before the festivities. If something

goes wrong, you want time to fix it!

3. Wash your hair the day of your wedding! If it is too clean, it will slip easily out of the style

your hairstylist is trying to build. Wash it the morning before, instead.

4. Don’t be late for your appointment. I’ve had a bride be 45 minutes late, take a long time

getting dressed with family and then had to speed through her hair and makeup in less

than an hour. It’s stressful for you and your stylist and it can make it so your look doesn’t

turn out.

5. Take your day too seriously. You are there for something much more important than one

day of hair and dress and food and things will go wrong, but you will remember less of those details than you might think.


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