Real Wedding: Georgia + Lino

Georgia and Lino —who spent their nuptials in the Bahamas—have their Utah based athletic teams, friends, and a dare to thank for their worlds colliding.”We were both from out of state when we met. I’m from Massachusetts and Lino is from California. I was here going to school at the University of Utah and on the Red Rocks women’s gymnastics team. Lino was here and on the U.S. speed skating team,” Georgia says. 

“We met downtown while we were both out with groups of friends and we ran into each other. My friends and I had actually dared one of our friends to go talk to his friend and then he and I just hit it off,” she says. “We took it slow for a few months, we didn’t know what our futures held at that point and we were both trying to figure out our lives. I was a senior in college and he was on the speed skating team.”

“And then we started getting a little more serious…and then it got very serious,” Georgia says.”I’m not extravagant or showy and I didn’t want a big thing where everyone is watching. So, we took our dogs out for a walk and he proposed to me while we were out with our little family, just the 4 of us. I didn’t know it was going to happen that day, because it was his birthday and we were celebrating him…”

“We had plans to go out to dinner. I knew he wanted to propose, because he’d asked my parents for permission,  but I didn’t know for sure when it was going to be,” she says.”We were married July 1, 2017 in the Bahamas at a Resort—it was a lot of fun, we had a gorgeous stay. When we first got there it was raining for the first few days, but on the day of the wedding it was clear blue skies and beautiful outside.”

My wedding day was a blur I remember I wasn’t nervous until I started walking over to the venue with my bridesmaids.””When my dad started walking me down the isle, I saw Lino’s eyes start to water up,” Georgia says. “I try to put a defense up so that I don’t cry… I just started laughing while he was almost crying! But by the end of the ceremony I did tear up.”

“I think that it’s so important to just sit back and enjoy, just take it all in. Which is really difficult, because of  all of the excitement and emotions. It’s good to soak in the moment and appreciate that everybody is there for you and your future spouse,” says Georgia.  “My favorite part of my wedding day was switching off from my dad to him [Lino]. I just remember thinking, this is real now.”


Lino Innocenzie and Georgia (Dabritz) Innocenzie were married July 1, 2017 in the Bahamas.



Photographer: K. Yolanda Turnquest




Written by: Ashley Baker

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