Underwater Inspiration Shoot: Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Everything is more vibrant, more magical, under the sea. Something about the mysterious allure of the unknown and the quiet serenity of waves draws some further into the deep end. The same thing could be said about love. The rising crests of passion and swells of joy call to the spirit of the ocean. Capturing the two in action would seem impossible, if it weren’t for the creative minds of talented photographers and stylists. Taking place in the vivid Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, Utah based photographer Lissa Chandler created an underwater inspiration shoot akin to a nautical fairytale.

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
Loveland Living Planet Aquarium


“There’s something so magical about aquariums – the way the light moves, the water, the feeling of being part of another world,” says Chandler. Here, an aquamarine ring shines with the glow of aquarium light. Sea shell accessories and vibrant blooms are reminiscent of a certain seafaring princess.

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium


“With micro weddings on the rise, I wanted to plan a styled shoot that felt super romantic in an unexpected place. What spot’s more unexpected (and gorgeous!) for an elopement than a shark tunnel? This location was so enchanting and the colors were amazing!
Wanting to tie in shades of blue, green, and purple found within sea water, we pulled these colors for inspiration with decor, flowers, the cake, and even the groom’s suit. The pearls on the bride’s dress reflected the ocean as well and, with all this combined, we were able to create a unique shoot that felt super secluded and other worldly all while being a few minutes away from a bustling interstate. It was a dream!”

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium


In addition to a lively backdrop of curious sea creatures, the moving water cast a playful light on the shoot. Detailed shots shone even brighter, and even flat surfaces gain a sense of depth. “Light is so important in photography, of course, but water and light together combined can create so much romance,” Chandler says. “This was definitely the case at our shoot and I love the overall feeling of peace and charm that our final photographs evoked.”

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
Loveland Living Planet Aquarium


Photography: Lissa Chandler lissachandler.com
Floral: Sticks N Stems, https://www.sticksnstems.com
Makeup Artist: Jordan Ciel, @riverjordancielSuit
Rental: Opal and June, https://opalandjuneshop.com
Gown Shop: Opal and June, https://opalandjuneshop.com
Gown Designer: Sherri Hill, https://www.sherrihill.com
Photographer + Planner: Lissa Chandler, http://lissachandler.com
Venue: Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, https://thelivingplanet.com
Cake: Something Frosted, https://www.somethingfrostedslc.com

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