Love at First Swipe: Annalise & Jeremy’s Antelope Island Shoot

Annalise & Jeremy 

Photos by Kendra Bird Photography

Antelope Island

Annalise downloaded Tinder with the same mindset most users have when they first download the app. Maybe she’d chat with some cute boys, maybe not. Either way, the stakes seemed low. Little did she know, within 24 hours she’d match with Jeremy, with the man she was going to marry. The two struck up a conversation online and talked on and off before the talks fizzled out. A month later, Jeremy reached out again out of the blue and Annalise knew it was time for the two to meet in person. Before their first date, Annalise’s parents insisted Jeremy stop by their family home. “I remember opening the door to see him for the first time and just having a different feeling than I had ever had before. Jeremy was something special,” says Annalise. 

After the two had been dating for a while, Annalise went – on her own – to Arizona for spring break. Jeremy showed up to the airport to pick her up with a dozen roses in hand and “in front of everyone at the airport got down on one knee with the most beautiful ring and asked if I would marry him!” says Annalise, “I – of course – said YES!”

“He proposed on Pi Day (3-14) we always celebrate by eating pie,” says Annalise. “It’s a fun little tradition that we love.”

The duo was engaged for five months, the majority of which Jeremy spent employed across the country in Pennsylvania. “It was really hard being across the country during our entire engagement, but  we grew so much together during those hard times,” Annalise explains. “Jeremy was able to come to Arizona where I was living at the time, and spend the Fourth of July with me! We soaked up every single moment together until he was off again. The next time we saw each other was three days before our wedding!”

The stylization of this shoot is desert chic – an homage to Annalise’s Arizona roots. Adding the horse adds an element of rustic flair. The pops of warm tones present in the florals create an elegant focal point that beautifully contrasts Antelope Island’s neutral backdrop.

When asked about this shoot, Annalise exclaims, “Kendra is without a doubt, my favorite photographer! She makes you feel so comfortable, beautiful and she knows how to make it fun. After the shoot my husband said, ‘wow that was actually pretty fun!’ So, that’s how I know Kendra is amazing!”


Photographer: Kendra Bird Photography | @kendrabirdphotography

Dress: Latter Day Bride | @latterdaybride

Florist: Lettie Blossom | @lettieblossomdesigns

Horse: @robertalee30

Bride: @annaliseleavitt_

Groom: @jeremyleavitt8


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