International Bridal Phenomenon: Chantel Lauren Designs

Coloring outside state lines. 

It all began with one blue gown. In a world where white rules the roost, painting—as in hand-painting with acrylic paints—a blue gown may seem outrageous, but Chantel and Tyler Galloway nail it every time.

Photo courtesy of Chantel Lauren

Pink, grey and rainbow work, too. From their flagship location in Salt Lake’s hip 9th South District, the duo sells a perfect package. Creative genius, entrepreneurial gumption, precise craftsmanship and down-to-earth personalities come together to create an artful line of gowns, robes and jewelry.

Not all gowns are painted, but all the dresses are from-scratch silk constructs sold in 13 other cities, including stockists in Canada and the UK. “It’s cool to see what appeals to different cities. Some cities are drawn to one style and price point, while others are drawn to something completely different.”

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