Ashley & Paul’s Romantic Roof Restaurant Proposal

A love story described by the couple as two people plus God’s timing finishes in a heart-melting proposal.

Ashley and Paul were the winners of our Valentine’s “Cutest Engagement” contest, so this feature was selected by you! 

Paul saw Ashley from afar at an event, and immediately was captivated by her. Though he didn’t get a chance (or muster the guts) to talk to her at the event itself, he ran into her again at a coffee shop later that day and knew this was his shot. After a bit of small talk, Paul asked for her number and if he could sit with her for the afternoon. 

The pair spent the next few weeks talking on the phone and going on dates. Their first real date was to Disneyland – how magical is that?! After one particularly romantic, hours long phone call, the pair knew they were meant to be. Paul calls Amber his ‘missing piece.’ 

“The five hour call flew by,” says Ashley. “We connected on a lot of levels, and our communication styles were direct and similar. It was almost like a business call. But we loved being around each other, and that call just sealed the deal!”

“The more i got to know her, the more I fell in love with her,” says Paul. Her intelligence, her beauty, her walk with God and her genuineness are just a few of the many things that take my breath away.” 

After a blissful period of true love, closely followed by Ashley’s followers on Instagram, Paul popped the question in one of the most romantic proposals we’ve seen yet!

The evening before Paul was scheduled to fly to Utah and visit Ashley in Utah, he told her he had a headache and wanted to rest before his night of traveling. Feeling worried for him, Ashley went to her brother’s birthday dinner at the roof without hearing from Paul. Or so she thought. 

She arrived on the 10th floor at The Roof restaurant, and was surprised to see not her brother but her favorite photographer. Soon after, Paul emerged from the restaurant with 50 red roses and his guitar. 

“It is very difficult to take me by surprise. Paul loves this shot, because he knows he got me!”

Paul led Ashley to the view laden windows, and sang her a song he wrote for her. Ashley held back tears as he got on one knee. She said yes! 

Ashley’s engagement ring was a magical moment in itself. Like most brides-to-be, Ashley had her dream ring all planned out. Luckily, Paul was on it. He worked with the jewelers at Raven Fine Jewelers to create the perfect, sparkle-studded oval ring for his future fiancée.

We are head over heels for this heart-melting moment, so we thank our fans for choosing this for us to feature! Ashley and Paul will be married on August 29th, 2020. Keep an eye out, perhaps we’ll feature the wedding, too!

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