Emma & Elijah Wedding at the Salt Lake City Country Club
La Fête Floral combines clean lines, a classic colors, and subtle and sophisticated European-influences in this stunning country club wedding.
Much like mountain celebrations, desert weddings provides a ton of things for your guests to do outside of the actual ceremony and reception.
To get a suit you’ll want to wear years after the wedding reception ends, follow these custom suit tips and tricks.
Nadine Merabi Bridal Pantsuit
For the brides trying to push fashion standards, here are some fashion-forward bridal jumpsuits that you can wear dancing at your reception or walking down the aisle. BRIDAL JUMPSUITS FOR THE FASHIONISTA BRIDE For the understated yet chic bride who wants to make a statement and keep it classy, here are a few bridal jumpsuits that combine traditional cuts with dramatic...
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How to host a pre- or post-wedding soirée that boldly steps outside of the box.
Graceful fresh-floral jewelry is the latest bridal beauty trend, like this one created Salt Lake City’s Every Blooming Thing.
detachable features
From removable sleeves, to capes, detachable features allow brides an easy and affordable way to change their look mid-celebration.
To help you find the perfect flower and cake duo, we've enlisted the wedding industry's most trusted professionals.
For many men, getting a custom-made suit to wear on their wedding day may seem like an extravagance. But there’s no reason the groom’s suit shouldn’t fit just as well, and be as flattering, as what the bride is wearing. “There are hundreds of little micro-adjustments and details that we can make in the tailoring process that go a...