Welcome to 2020! Utah vendors bring 1920’s fashion to 2020 weddings with timeless style and modern accents. 
Photographer Megan McDonald has always loved anything to do with the Flapper Era: the fringed and sparkling fashion, the luxurious parties, and the sheer elegance of it all. “As a photographer, I wanted to use this session to celebrate our modernized version of the 20’s, 100 years later.” 
Models Dani and Walker ring in the new year in impressive retro-inspired getup. This sparkle-infused sheath dress from Mary’s Bridal is equal parts flapper-chic and aisle-ready-bride, with the perfect touch of art-deco lines (perfectly matched to an incredibly iced cake by VENDOR)  edging the breathtaking train. Walker puts a clean, modern spin on a mobster-classic look with an all-black sleek suit and a chic skinny tie. 
Dani’s sweeping hairstyle and deep-hued makeup look round out the perfect Golden Era bridal look.
Ready to bring this high fashion back for the new decade? Scroll on for more timeless ’20s inspiration: