Venue Spotlight: Talia Event Center

by Melissa Langford

After going through a thorough seven-month remodel, Talia Event Center is now back to making wedding dreams come true for brides across Utah. Our editorial team here at Utah Bride & Groom sat down with Talia Event Center’s Talia Painter to talk about what makes their venue unique and ways to make a large wedding more intimate, here’s what she had to say.

What’s it like to host a wedding at Talia Event Center?

“Once a couple has toured our facility and booked a wedding date, we will be as involved as the bride and groom wants us to be. From the wedding planner bride to the DIY couple, we make sure everything is covered and that the couple are happy with the plans we have set.”

Photo credit: byBraadyn | Braadyn Penrod

Tell us, what makes your venue stand out from the rest?

“What’s great about Talia Event Center is that there are endless options for personalization. Weddings are such a special time and a couple really needs to be able to make this day their own. Our experienced team can help them achieve the perfect day while keeping things as easy and stress-free as possible.

We are versatile for any party! We can accommodate large and small groups, because we have multiple rooms options. Our large square footage of 19,000 square ft. makes it easy to rent out the entire building or just a room., depending on any couple’s needs. Our venue is a bar/nightclub turned event center, perfect for weddings. From features such as a custom-made chandelier, multiple bar spaces, exposed brick walls, a solarium, and more everything is new and readily available for the big day.”

Photo Credit: byBraadyn | Braadyn Penrod

What are your top tips to making a large wedding feel more intimate?

“It is all about space and décor. Make sure that every guest is appreciated by paying attention to detail. Adding small candles, name tags at seats, personalized favors, etc. goes a long way! At Talia Event Center, our space lends itself to intimate groups as well as giant parties. Our team will ensure that every small detail of your wedding is appreciated and thought through.”


What is your best venue shopping advice for couples?

“There are always some general questions to ask the venue to make sure it fits your needs for the day. Whether it’s about outside vendors or package pricing, ask lots questions. Question are key to making sure you make a well-informed decision. Also, make sure you like the venue’s customer service and willingness to help, because that will essentially make or break your experience with them. The venue is key to a great wedding reception.”

Photo credit: byBraadyn | Braadyn Penrod


To learn more about weddings at Talia Event Center, find them on our vendor listing or check out their website.

Featured image above: byBraadyn | Braadyn Penrod

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