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Tailor Cooperative, one of Utah’s premier made-to-measure suiting shops, offers personalized advice to produce a one-of-a-kind wedding ensemble for the man of the hour

The dress gets most of the fanfare on the wedding day, but we say the groom deserves his “Say Yes” moment as well. Enter Tailor Cooperative, the Salt Lake City clothiers who specialize in made-to-order menswear.


“The first step I take with grooms is to go over what they already wear,” says Tailor Cooperative clothier Alessandra Vivo. “We talk about what they have in their closets, what fits they’re comfortable with and how those elements might fit into their wedding visions.”

Then comes the fun part. Tailor Cooperative has over 15,000 fabrics and 100 linings that gentlemen of all styles can choose from to craft a totally unique look for their big events. From the shirt to the suit jacket’s buttons, every piece of a TC suit can be personalized.

“One of the most fun elements of our suits is that each client gets a monogram inside the jacket,” says Vivo. “For weddings, the groom tends to put his spouse’s name along with the wedding date, but each customer gets two lines to put in whatever he’d like.”


When planning a design you’ll love for years to come, Vivo recommends a classic color with customized flair. Black, gray and navy are hues that will stay chic long-term, and can be delivered with a playfully patterned lining. “No one is really going to see the lining but you, so you can make it as fun as you’d like.”

But if one-of-a-kind is your vision, then bring on the color. Currently trending tones include greens, maroons, and a full range of warm tan and brown fabrics.

Tailor Cooperative custom suits require 4-6 weeks to complete. “Two months before the wedding is usually a safe bet,” Vivo says. “At that point, bodies won’t change much, and we still have time for measurements, construction and alterations for the perfect fit.”, 333 Pierpoint Ave., SLC

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