Harlow Brides: Customized Wedding Gowns for Every Girl

At Harlow Brides, they’re trying to do things a little bit differently.
Owner Emma Riley came back to Utah from California to open her own shop, looking to bring unique styles and looks to Utah brides. She’s tried really hard to find gowns and designers that nobody else in the Salt Lake area carries, to make her shop a place where brides can get a gown that is a perfect fit – both for her body and her personality.
“We choose every design very carefully, and try not to be too trendy. We don’t want any bride to look back on photos from the biggest day of her life and wonder, ‘What was I thinking?!,” says Riley of the shop’s “classic but modern” approach to stocking the racks.
Whether a bride finds “the one” as designed and has it tailored to her unique dimensions, or completely makes a gown her own, Harlow Brides is ready, with a range of style and, of course, their seamstress, who has 30+ years of experience under her belt.

1. Real Bride: Rachel

One of the first brides served at Harlow Brides, Rachel, chose a gorgeous Elizabeth Dye gown, but needed the design to be a bit more modest for her LDS temple wedding. Harlow Brides worked with the designer and the seamstress to create Rachel’s dream dress.


“Mojave” by Elizabeth Dye


Photo by Jaron Horrocks – Saans Photography

2. Real Bride: Jamie

Bride Jamie fell in love with the sleeves on a Kite and Butterfly gown, but was having difficulty finding a gown that was modest enough for her personal style. That is, until she went to Harlow. The ladies at Harlow Brides contacted the designer, and worked with Jamie’s vision to get her favorite sleeves placed on a dress with a bit more coverage. Harlow Brides works very closely with designers, so they can give every bride the gown to make them feel the most beautiful on their big day!


“Page” by Kite and Butterfly


3. Real Bride: Zoe

Emma’s own daughter, Zoe, chose her gown from Harlow Brides’ collections, and customized it with slight but dramatic adjustments. The team removed the sleeves and adjusted the neckline on the gown, giving Zoe’s final look major art-deco vibes.


“Cassie” by Karen Willis Holmes


Harlow Brides is a small shop, with a boutique feel rather than a department store experience. No matter the vision, they will follow each bride from finding a gown all the way to when they pick it up for their big day!

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