Going Custom? Suit yourself

As the groom, the spotlight on your wedding day also shines on you. But shopping for a great suit is no easy feat! Finding the perfect fit, color, and fabric is more difficult to achieve in a rental or off-the-rack suit. As a result, we’ve seen more grooms choosing to go custom.

But why should you go custom for your wedding day? Bespoke suits are an excellent way to get a perfect fit to highlight your best features. Since custom suits are made with quality materials, they’re a great long-term investment too.

Joshua Kamp, founder of JP Couture shares, “A typical groom is normally starting out in his career and doesn’t have a decent suit or a suit at all. A bespoke suit can double as a wedding suit and a suit that he can use for other important times in his life. If you are willing to pay for an off the rack suit and tailoring, you might as well get a quality custom suit that will last.”

Photo Credit: Carolina Lindsay Photography

When Joshua couldn’t find a great suit option for his sister’s wedding, he knew that custom was the way to go. But great custom suits in Utah were hard to come by and that’s when he began JP Couture.

With JP Couture, getting a custom suit is easier. Your personal clothier will come to your home or office. At your appointment, you’ll select fabrics and options to personalize your suit. After 4 weeks, you’ll have a fitting. Once it’s perfect, it’s all yours!

Pictured: JP Couture’s suit lining personalization| Photo Credit: JP Couture

“With a personal clothier from JP Couture, you can go as personalized as you want. You can choose fabric to match your wedding day colors. You can also get your name and wedding date embroidered in the suit lining,” says Joshua.

“Our goal is to make someone’s special day less stressful. We have all types fabrics, colors, buttons, and styles for you to choose from. You’ll end up with a that showcases your unique style. And it won’t be cookie cutter at all!”

Photo Credit: Carolina Lindsay Photography

If you’re looking for something that you’ll wear over and over, a custom suit is the way to go. To learn more about getting your own JP Couture suit, find them on our vendor listing or check out their website.


Feature image above: Carolina Lindsay Photography

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