Engagement Photo Inspo: Our Favorite 2019 Shoots

One of our favorite parts of this little blog, is that we get to share things with you that you won’t see in the printed book! And one of those favorites is engagement sessions. We’ve been gathering them since the winter months, and are so excited to finally share with you a few of our favorite 2019 nuptial announcement photos so far!

1. Parker and Sarah, Big Cottonwood Canyon by Hawkeye Photography

Leading couple Parker and Sarah have known each other their whole lives, and chose to have their engagements shot in their favorite season: snowy winter. The pair both love being outdoors, so naturally, up a canyon was the perfect romantic hideaway. We are loving the too-darling sledding action shots, and the red contrast on the white snow. Contrast is the best way to make your photos stand out, and action is the best way to say “Hey! We are a lot of fun!”

2. Shelby and Jontrell, Green Canyon, Logan. Shot by Kevyn Bruce Photography

Every couple has that “special spot,” whether it’s where they met, the first kiss or simply a happy memory. Why not include those moments in your shoot? Shelby & Jontrell  had just graduated from Utah State University and are moving away from Logan soon, so they wanted to do a fun session to remember their time together there, and brought their sweet goldendoodle, Lemon, along for the ride. Photographer Kevyn Bruce says that this couple was easy going and fun, which made for great candid shots (clearly)!  The cutest photos are often the most candid, so don’t be afraid to get a little silly.

3. Missy and Bre, Antelope Island by Kristi Alyse Photo

These lovely ladies were shot by Missy’s sister, Kristi of Kristi Alyse Photography. Of the shoot, she said:  “It was beautiful there, as always, with the romantic glow coming off the water. Their many years of strong friendship has made them a very loving and supportive couple, which I think shines through the photos. Also, aside from photographer, I got to play make-up artist for both of them!” We can’t help but feel like the photographer’s proximity to the couple let her get some of those intimate moments just right- the love is blooming right off the screen!

4. Tyler and Jess, Downtown Salt Lake City, by Maddie Morris Photography

Nothing like a little snowfall to pack a punch of drama into any shoot. The neutral colors of downtown SLC are the perfect backdrop for this couple’s bold outfits and bold beauty. We are especially loving how photographer Maddie Morris found every perfect opportunity to take advantage of some of the gorgeous architecture and iconic locations that are just steps away in our little snowy home.

5. Schulyer and Dallin by Jessie and Dallin, Blossoms at Utah State Capitol

“Hedgehog quills, Harry Potter, and blossoms may seem like the strangest combination, but after hanging out for a bit with Dallin and Schuyler we can’t think of a more perfect grouping! The air had a bit of a chill to it during this spring blossom engagement at the Utah State Capitol, but with these two it was hardly noticeable. The two of them looked incredible down to the very shoes that they will be wearing on their wedding day!” – Photographers Jessie & Dallin. 

We love couples sharing their interests in their shoots, whether it’s in an airplane, on the beach or cuddled up with each other and a good book in the iconic Capitol Hill Blossoms. What’s more, who couldn’t love that tiny little fur baby? (Psst. His name is Wilbur!) 

5. Morgan and Braden, Antelope Island  by Jordy B Photo

Braden claims that “time stood still” when he saw his fiancée, Morgan, for the first time; that it was like a spotlight shone down on her and he was instantly smitten. We are feeling the exact same way about these photos of the couple! *insert heart eyes emoji here* These two make one pretty darling couple, and we are loving the outfits, the smiles, the lighting and especially the personality! Nothing is cuter than a couple unapologetically in love – and these two are the perfect example. 

7. Makelle and Joseph, Beaver Resort, Logan by Kevyn Bruce Photography

Ok, we have a confession: this isn’t actually an engagement shoot. These cuties had just gotten married, but Makelle wanted to take some fun photos playing in the snow. And boy, are we glad she did! Snow gives couples a good excuse to keep cuddling, which Kevyn Bruce says makes for the most romantic photos. Romantic, playful or just plain darling, we are loving every angle of this shoot.

8. Montanna and Dakota, Main Street Park City, by Jadie Jo Photography

If you’re on the hunt for quaint backdrops, but still want that iconic Utah vibe, Main Street Park City is the location for you. And this too-cute-to-handle couple (seriously, those ice cream parlor shots have us simply melting) fits right in! Shot by Jadie Jo photography, they set up the perfect bunch of love-filled moments to show off to friends and family ’till death do they part.

9. Andrew and Brandy, Surprise Proposal by Alexx Acor

Who knew we could be so enamored with a storm?! After 3 years of dating, Andrew decided he wanted to make Brandy his forever, so he enlisted photographer Alexx Acor to help his propose. He designed her ring entirely himself, and set up the perfect secret plan. He wasn’t deterred by the dark clouds, and despite the weather pulled off a heart-melting proposal. He got down on one knee to the sound of Katy Perry’s “A Thousand Years,” and Alexx captured the couple’s I Do moment just as the rain began to fall. How much more magical could it get?

10. Alexa & Tyler at the Utah State Capitol, by Heather Nan Photography

Featuring this location twice, because the photos are oh, so nice! But here, the blossoms are almost overwhelmed by the bride-to-be’s stunning and perfectly flounce-y floral gown. And we aren’t mad about it! Fiancée Alexa rounds off her engagement shoot look with fairy-like heels and her mother’s bridal earrings! Alexa and her groom Tyler (who were set up after Alexa’s younger sister practically begged them to date) show off all their best sides in this sunshine-filled Utah Capitol shoot.

Still craving more engagement inspiration? See all of our favorites here! 

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