Celebration Makers 2023: Serendipity Event Designers

For Karla Edlinger, owner of Serendipity Event Designers, a wedding is a full-sensory experience. 

“I encourage couples to think beyond the logistics of the wedding day. Consider the things your guests will see, hear, touch and taste,” Edlinger says. “The environment we create together is the most memorable part of the big day.” 

At Serendipity Events, quality in all those areas is key to a successful event. As part of ensuring every element is up to par, Edlinger and her team work closely with couples to make their wedding dreams a reality, down to the last detail. 

Edlinger encourages couples to consider every angle of presentation, to give couples and guests alike an unforgettable wedding day experience. 

“My goal is to give you your perfect wedding day,” Edlinger says. “I love thinking inside the box, but with a twist–don’t be afraid to dream big and get creative with me.” 

Serendipity Event Designers’ services are, of course, available to couples throughout the state, but this season brides looking to celebrate in Utah County have the chance to experience Serendipity polish on a whole new level with their new event venue. 

Aura event venue, which opened in fall of 2022, occupies 4,000 square feet in American Fork. This eclectic space is a perfect backdrop for events of any style. Old-school structural beams and a stone fireplace deliver farmhouse charm, while crystal and glass tables and gilded chairs are on-call to deliver modern flair. 

“This is a space for people to celebrate, and not just for weddings,” Edlinger says. “It was named after my mother and is a very special place for me. I want to share it with everyone!” 

Above all, Edlinger’s mission is to make wedding dreams come true, from the peaks of northern Utah to the red rock landscapes of the state’s southern border. Serendipity always puts clients first, sometimes working through the night to give a client everything they want and more. “Dare to dream! Everything is possible, and I will find a way to deliver any lavish idea you have on your vision board.”

“My goal is to offer a service that couples will always remember. Though I love all of the vendors around Utah, and will continue to bring my clients to them, I am setting up ways to give my clients every last detail they have imagined and more.” 

– Karla Edlinger, Owner

Ask the Expert

What’s Ahead:

We are thrilled to welcome 2023 couples into our first season as a full-service wedding company. We are here to make wedding dreams come true, and can now provide floral, catering, venue, and planning services. 

Excited about:

We are excited to play around with florals in 2023. We’ve seen a lot of classic designs in our repertoire this season, and we are looking forward to branching out into a fresh, eclectic space in floral design once again. We hope to deliver unique color palettes and unexpected combinations for truly one of a kind events!

Fresh Ideas:

Don’t accept anything less than the best possible quality for your special day. No wedding vision is impossible for our designers – let us deliver the dream wedding you deserve!

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