Bridal Beauty Timeline

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No matter how long your engagement season, there is always time to proactively primp for your wedding day.

Form Derm Spa’s Janie Ward shares the ideal bridal beauty schedule for fiancées, wedding party, and guests alike. 

12 Months: Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can take up to a year for lasting results, but once you’re smooth, only an annual touchup is required. 

6-12 Months: Fat Freeze

CoolSculpting offers a simple, noninvasive solution to eliminate fat for a fully-toned body on the
big day. 

Laser hair removal, Photo courtesy Form Derm spa

6 Months: Laser Skin Treatments

Various laser treatments can promote long-lasting, baby-smooth skin. In-depth treatments should begin 6 months before the event for best results, but some treatments can heal in as little as 6 weeks. 

4-6 Months: Medical-Grade Skincare

If experimenting with new products, begin a few months ahead of schedule to allow the skin time to balance. The Ward team recommends opting for a medically engineered formula, such as their Form Rx line, to get healthy skin alongside that flawless finish. 

Form Derm Spa’s Hydrofacial, Photo courtesy Form Derm spa

3-4 Months: Hydrafacial 

See your spa professional for a customized monthly facial, beginning 4 months before your event. A final moisturizing treatment 1-2 days before the wedding will give the ideal glow. 

6 Weeks: MicroNeedling

Customized treatments can include platelet-rich plasma and chemical peels, to heal skin in preparation for the walk down the aisle. 

4 Weeks: Teeth Whitening 

The best treatments are all natural, for a painless and healthy grin. 

4-6 Weeks: Botox

Lift a brow, or relax a muscle or two to get yourself photo-ready. For those new to the needle, Ward says a 6-month trial may be in order. 

Filler administered by Form Derm Spa,
Photo courtesy Form Derm spa

1-2 Months: Fillers

Give your newly plumped pout 1-2 months of wiggle room to settle into the perfect shape. 

4-5 Days: Mani/Pedi 

Begin polishing and final touches the week of the wedding, so you are well-primped for both the wedding itself and the pre-ceremony parties.

3 Days: Waxing

Waxing treatments should take place at least two days before the big day, to allow any irritation to subside. 

Lash Lift,
Photo: adobe stock

3 Days: Lash Extensions or Lifts

Whether you’re a tried-and-true extensions gal or just looking for a voluminous boost, touch up your lashes a few days before your celebration to keep them looking full and fresh.

2 Days: Tanning 

Schedule your spray tan just a couple days before the wedding for a glow untarnished by other treatments (but be sure to allow it time to fade into your ideal shade).

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