196 E. Winchester St. |  Murray, UT  |  385.388.4353

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[vc_wp_text]At Diamonds Direct our motivations are simple: our passion and commitment is fueled by our desire to help you demonstrate your love for that special someone. The heart of all that we do is centered around your love, and we’re grateful you chose to celebrate that with us. The Diamonds Direct experience is born from our signature approach to selection and customer service. Our mission to provide a no risk shopping environment endures today. We empower customers with diamond industry insights and products that are backed by our unmatched guarantees and warranties. We practice a personal approach while eliminating pressure and confusion during the diamond shopping experience, ensuring all customers have the opportunity to maximize their individual budget and make the best buying decision possible.[/vc_wp_text]

“When you walk in you can tell you are not just walking in any ordinary jewelry store but the best! Michelle was a fantastic saleswoman and will remember you by name each and every time you come in. Your dollar not only gets you a ring but service and people who will listen. Not once did I feel like they were just trying to sell me just any ring, instead we picked out the perfect ring. Thank you Michelle, and thank you Diamonds Direct!” – Casey Herring