198 S. Main Street, Springville | 801.610.4110​
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[vc_wp_text]Magleby’s has been serving Utah good wholesome food for 40 years. Our goal is to make your whole experience go as smooth, stress free, and FUN as it should be. In short, we’ll make it the taste they’ll tweet about, the look they’ll snap about, and value beyond compare. Let us exceed your expectations.   Review: “​Deciding on Magleby’s for our catering was the best decision we could have made! They were so professional, the food was delicious (and beautiful), and they were totally willing to work with us. I was pretty particular about what I wanted and they exceeded my expectations!”[/vc_wp_text]
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[vc_wp_text]Website: www.utahcatering.com​/ Contact: maryq@maglebys.com[/vc_wp_text]
[vc_wp_text]Contact Magleby’s for more information on availability and pricing.[/vc_wp_text][contact-form-7 id=”15341″]