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[vc_wp_text]At 53 Catering, we take pride as Utah’s sole caterer of the best seasonal, high quality food nature has to offer. Our creative team of first class chefs provide the most modern and affordable catering options for any event, large or small. 53 Catering is the backbone of our three local daughter companies: Good Thyme Eatery, Marley’s Gourmet Sliders, and Roll With It Creamery. As the catering arm to each distinct brand, our menu options and abilities are as versatile as your imagination—and we sacrifice zero quality for such quantity.[/vc_wp_text]
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[vc_wp_text]Website: https://www.53catering.com/ Contact: Mckay@53catering.com[/vc_wp_text]
[vc_wp_text]Contact 53 Catering for more information on availability and pricing.[/vc_wp_text][contact-form-7 id=”14447″]