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Trends come and go. One generation’s Brooke Shields is another’s Cara Delevingne, but one thing is for sure—brows are back.
The choice isn’t always black or white. Color is the story. You are the main character.
Easy-breezy gowns for the spirited, sun-kissed bride. “The mountains are calling and I must go,” said John Muir in his most famous quote. Every year, the indisputable romance of mountain life lures engaged couples to Utah from all over the country. These wanderers and outdoor thrill-seekers celebrate our canyon breezes, grassy slopes and vast views. It may seem challenging to compete...
We chatted with the toe experts at Nailed! to find out how to keep our feet forever, er, on their toes.
A classic gown is always a good choice, but heels and hiking are not a match made in heaven. Ditch the stilettos and go for a comfortable pair of kicks. Soft chiffon over satin gown with natural waist, butterfly sleeves, ruched sash and pleated skirt, $900, Alyse’s Bridal, Orem; Gladiator sandals, $38, Called to Surf, Orem Photography by: Brushfire Photography
Paris, New York...Salt Lake? Hot, hip, haute. If you think Utah isn’t on the cutting edge when it comes to high-end wedding fashion, think again. Now more than ever, Utah brides have a plethora of local, high-style options—from seasoned boutiques to up-and-comers like Bitsy Bridal. Akin to big-city couture houses, Bitsy’s showroom boasts natural light and industrial warehouse decor. But the...