Ring True to You: Choosing an Engagement Ring

Wondering how to narrow down the search for a ring impeccably suited to your incomparable personal style? Sara Knight, O.C. Tanner Jewelers’ Associate Buyer, answers all the questions ringing in your ears when it comes to choosing an engagement ring.


For the glamorous bride who is a bit more demure, a classic ring is a perfect fit. What makes a ring classic? According to Knight, it’s all about a style’s ability to stand the test of time, like this elegant six-prong setting paired with a round diamond. “Timelessness calls on the theory that less is more and that a diamond can speak for itself without a lot of extra fluff from the setting,” says Knight. 

Photography by Chelsey Black. Jewelry by Life and Jewels.


Certain styles stand the test of time, and if you plan to wear your ring for years to come, why not choose a vintage-inspired form that’s endured decades? The right finish is key to creating the vintage appearance you crave. “A finishing technique called milgrain—which peaked in the Art Deco era of the 1930s—provides an instant antique look to a mounting,” Knight explains. “The eternality of this look is undeniable, as its origins date back thousands of years and can be seen in ancient Asian pieces.”


We don’t all fit into the mold and neither do these vibrant engagement rings. Bold and set apart from the rest, a colorful engagement ring is sure to make a statement. The key to selecting a gemstone, Knight says, is doing your research. Some stones are simply not durable enough to hold up to daily wear. “One of the main reasons diamonds are used in engagement rings is their durability,” Knight explains. “If you are looking for an alternative to a diamond, we recommend sapphires or rubies because they can withstand the test of daily wear for years on end.” Diamond lovers also have vivid options. “There is also a fun world of colored diamonds that can be explored,” she says. 

Photography: Breanna White Photo. Jewelry by Sierra West Jewelers


Whether you call them edgy, punk, alternative or rock ’n’ roll, these rings and the brides they belong to stand out, loud and proud. Jade Trau’s tension style, double-banded setting and asymmetrical mounting, provides a bold twist on a tried-and-true classic. “This ring tells me the wearer values timelessness but wants something with a touch of edginess and independence,” Knight says. 


An east-west setting contemporizes a timeless look, bringing refinement and character to an otherwise traditional ring. This sparkling standout is perfect for the minimalist bride. “An east-west setting provides a fun play on the architecture of the ring,” explains Knight. “It’s simplicity maintains a classic overall look, while its refreshing visual layout implores you to take a second glance.” 


Classic: O.C. Tanner Collection Estella ring set in 18K yellow gold and platinum with 2.11 carat round brilliant diamond, $23,530

Vintage: O.C. Tanner Collection Etoile ring set in 18K yellow gold with 1.02 carat radiant diamond and .32 carat total weight pavé diamonds, $14,145 

Colorful: May & Co. for O.C. Tanner Collection ruby and diamond ring, in 18K yellow gold and platinum with 1.76 carat oval ruby and .69 carat total weight pavé diamonds, $25,300 

O.C. Tanner Jewelers’ designer Jade Trau’s Selma ring in 18K yellow gold and platinum with 1.52 carat pear shape diamond and .80 carat total weight pavé diamonds, $25,730

O.C. Tanner Collection ring in 18K rose gold with 1.22 carat ASHOKA diamond and .33 total carat weight channel set diamonds, $14,500

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