Celebration Makers 2024: Culinary Crafts

At the helm of Utah’s thriving foodie scene, Culinary Crafts remains the beacon of exceptional dining experiences across the state. Approaching its fourth decade in business, its continued success is rooted in an unwavering commitment to using fresh ingredients and made à la minute cuisine.

As second-generation proprietors, Ryan and Kaleb Crafts carry forward their family’s legacy by preserving what they refer to as “culinary romance.” Prioritizing ambiance alongside taste, they’re willing to make extraordinary excursions to bring their clients’ dream events to life.

Crafts takes pride in elevating the romantic aspects of dining by curating eclectic experiences, such as serving guests entrées in the middle of a lavender field or perhaps within one of Utah’s enchanting national forests.

While many catering companies are available for on-site setup, it’s a select few who are as dedicated as Culinary Crafts to fulfill a client’s vision.

Regardless of the occasion, whether it’s a wedding or social soirée, Culinary Crafts understands that food is the ultimate social linchpin. Guests generally attend events for specific purposes, but when quality cuisine is paired with memorable atmospheres, it allows guests to have a wonderful time while creating unique and delicious memories. 

Culinary Crafts welcomes their clients’ ideas and has the experience to make most a reality. Moreover, their skilled team understands the intricate nuances to bring even the wildest ideas to fruition.

357 W 200 S #100,
Salt Lake city

573 W State St Suite A,
Pleasant grove




“As long as we can get our trucks and equipment to the location, we’re in! 

Food is why we gather, so why not dine in settings as stunning as the cuisine?”

Ryan and Kaleb Crafts, Catering Savants

Ask the Experts

What’s Ahead:

We’re growing like crazy! This year, in addition to celebrating our fortieth year in business, we’re opening a wine-tasting bar and venue right downtown in SLC. Beyond that, one of our favorite aspects of this business is that we don’t always know what’s ahead! We wait to see what our clients are interested in so we can turn their ideas into a reality. 

Excited About:

We’ll always be excited about the cuisine and you can taste the passion in our food. Still, what we look forward to most is trying something we haven’t yet done before. We love the ideas our clients bring and we can’t wait to see where and what we’ll be cooking next!

Fresh Ideas:

Don’t assume something isn’t possible. If you have an idea for a location or a meal, we’ll work with you to see what we can create. As the trendsetters of cuisine across Utah, our innovative team has the expertise and vision you need to execute your meal to the highest standards.

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