Your Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide

Now that the holiday season is behind us, there’s a new one dawning: engagement season. If you had some holiday fun with your significant other, and they survived the family test, chances are you’ve started talking about the next step. And that would be in the direction of a jewelry store. Might we suggest one? J. Brooks Jewelers, with locations in Lehi and Murray.

We got the whole engagement ring run-down from the experts at J. Brooks, on the top things you need to consider when choosing a forever engagement ring. 

Price & Shape

As far as price, round brilliant diamonds are typically the most expensive shape due to the high global demand,” says Victoria Angulo, the Marketing & E-Commerce specialist for J. Brooks.  She then shared a list of high-to-low price shaped diamonds.


Guys, keep this in mind when shopping for your lady.

“She will be wearing this ring for life, so you want to be sure the ring coincides with her style (not yours).” Angulo says.  One of the examples they give when helping men choose jewelry for their wives is, “What does her living room look like? Does the sofa match the chair or is everything a different color or pattern?” This small example can help decide if she has more of a simple or eclectic taste, and determine whether you should go traditional or add some shape & texture to the wedding set. 


There are a variety of certificates to help you determine stone quality.When looking at diamonds, those with a GIA or AGS certificate have the highest value. Be aware – other certificates are not of the same standard as GIA or AGS.

“Also, the opinion of a jeweler can be very valuable, but a grade given by a GIA certified jeweler does not necessarily mean it is comparable to an official GIA certificate.” said Angulo.

The ring should ALWAYS sparkle. A good-quality diamond will look just as dazzling fresh out of the store as when it is a little dirty from the hectic lives we all tend to live. For a ring that will always have that ‘WOW-factor,’ find stones that are high-ranking in the 4 C’s: color, cut, clarity and carat weight. 

The 4 C’s

“Each of the 4 C’s will affect the price of the diamond. You must then determine which of the 4 C’s are the most important to you. You will be able to easily decide what your eye is most sensitive to once you start comparing diamonds in person under a loop,” Angulo says.


Angulo advises that Color is measured on a scale from D to Z, D being the highest and Z the lowest. D-F is considered “colorless,”and G-J is considered “near colorless”. Z diamonds have the most “yellow,” or presence of color. Many of these color distinctions are so subtle that they are invisible to the untrained eye, but these differences can make a very distinct change in quality & price


Cut, in our opinion, is the most important aspect of diamonds,” Angulo says. “We often think the ‘cut’ of a diamond refers to its shape; round, pear and so on. However, the cut grade determines how well the stone unleashes light. Precisely cutting a stone requires its proportions, symmetry & polish to reflect light to its highest capability. Being the most complex quality of diamonds to analyze, this aspect is crucial to the diamonds beauty and value.  Cut is measured on a scale from Excellent to Poor.”


Clarity refers to the absence of inclusions & blemishes within the stone. A “flawless” stone, or one that does not possess any inclusions or blemishes under 10x magnification, is relatively rare to find and expensive.  On the opposite end of the scale“Included” stone decreases the value immensely. This means there are obviously imperfections under 10x magnification (and sometimes visible to the naked eye) that may affect the brilliance & transparency of the stone.

Clarity is measured on a scale from FL – I3. FL being “Flawless”, and I3 being in “Included”.

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Carat Weight

Most shoppers are already familiar with carat weight, which refers to the size of the stone and tends to have one of the greatest affects on diamond pricing. 

“Carat weight is measured in a 100 ‘points’ scale. For example, .25ct is a quarter carat, or a ‘twenty-five pointer.’ A 1.50ct, or a carat and a half would be called ‘one point fifty carats,’ colloquially.

Once you hit the next tier of size, whole carats, the price will notably increase. If you’re on a budget, Angulo suggests purchasing a .98ct rather than a 1.01ct stone, which usually look about the same in size, depending on the cut.

Trend Watch

Rose Gold

J. Brooks thinks rose gold has officially made it as one of the classic metal colors, and don’t see its popularity fading anytime soon. Whether it be as the entire ring’s metal color or simply an accent, rose gold is simply the perfect color for those with a rosey pink skin tone.

From 2018 to 2019

“In 2018, our most popular diamond shapes were round, oval & cushion diamonds. A rose or yellow gold oval halo was the most popular style of 2018,” says Angulo.  “Along with that, we saw solitaires make a very real impression, as well as an upswing geometric shape bands.” 

The J. Brooks team anticipates fancy shape center stones, 3 stone rings and distinctive halos to be the next engagement ring trends. As for jewelry in general, keep your eyes peeled for all things delicate & stacking.



Bottom line: there’s a lot to consider when it comes to ring shopping, but with the right knowledge, it will be a breeze! 

For the ladies: try on a lot of rings to figure out what you like! There are a lot of options, but you’ll get a feeling for which styles, colors, and settings that speak to you as you go.

For the guys: Be observant. If your significant other knows what she likes, she’ll drop hints. Remember – the perfect ring can get you an exuberant yes. No pressure, right?


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