What’s Hot Now: 8 Trends to Add to your Wedding and Newlywed Checklists


1) Black Gowns

Image credit: The Hearnes Photography

Talk about original. Valen Hunter of Tellurian Events ups the drama factor by styling this bride in a dark, eco-friendly gown by Reformation. It’s a perfect pairing for a beau’s black suit, the bouquet’s white and golden hues and the La Sal Mountain backdrop.

“I wanted to create a low impact, minimalist and sustainable elopement ceremony with the landscape as a natural backdrop,” says Hunter who also used local farm and foraged blooms.   

2) Specialized Sweets

Image credit: Adam Finkle

It’s like a secret a little birdie told you. Pastry chef Cristina Schaub of Birdie’s Bakery bakes delightful, from-scratch pastries including sugar cookies, Belgium chocolate brownies, French apple tarts, scones and Rice Krispie treats. These Utah-shaped cookies make a perfect addition to dessert buffets, welcome bags, favors or thank you gifts. 

3) Sunshine Stones

Image courtesy: Tiffany’s Salt Lake City

Amber, honey, saffron and spicy mustard are au courant hues pairing beautifully with camels, grays and whites. The runways and red carpets are celebrating these exciting yellows, and jewelers are taking notice. Couples have so many options when it comes to engagement rings. Many find that, in a sea of white diamonds, there’s something striking about a yellow one. shopcitycreekcenter.com

4) A Water Break

Image credit: Adam Finkle

Need a break from all of the planning, scheduling and coordinating? Try float therapy. Float Park City offers sensory deprivation inside your very own float pod. The tank’s water temperature is comfortably toasty at 93.5 degrees, and the 1,000 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt makes staying afloat an easy, uplifting experience.

“There are so many benefits to living in a mountain town, but we run our bodies down,” says Float Park City’s owner Kristie Buehner. “Floating is a simple way to reset your body and mind.” One hour session, $50-$75. 

5) Prints Charming

Commemorate a memorable road trip, a hike or outdoor adventure and decorate your newlywed nest at the same time with prints from photographer Erin Kate Gouveia.

“When you are beginning your life as a married couple in your new home, I believe it’s important to take time filling your space with items that you love,” says Gouveia. “Your home is a reflection of you, and your style should be a collection of meaningful items that tell a story.” 

6) Book Smarts

Image credit: Adam Finkle

Need a date night idea? A sensational spot to propose? A pre big-day group activity for the wedding party? Ask author Jeremy Pugh for ideas. He’s researched every nook and cranny in Salt Lake City then combined his findings into his book, 100 Things to Do in Salt Lake City Before You Die

7) Dinner Delivery

Salmon salad with cherry tomatoes, arugula, spinach and avocado. View from above

Before UberEats drove its cold, app-driven car into Salt Lake City, there was Wasatch Fresh, a gourmet food delivery service using from-scratch, whole-food meals perfect for on-the-go fiances or busy newlyweds. Two or five days a week, chef Page Viehweg and her crew deliver meals—think salmon nicoise salad, vegetarian enchiladas and tortellini and sausage soup—to your doorstep just in time to heat it for dinnertime. No chopping. No cooking. Just heat it and eat it. 

8) Greenhouse Effect

Image credit: Pepper Nix

The tropical-decor trend intoxicates with exotic blooms, oversized palm fronds and colorful patterns. Just because Utah can’t naturally grow orchids, palms and topiaries doesn’t mean brides and grooms have to celebrate without them. Turn up the heat on your wedding reception inside these gorgeous greenhouses. Cactus & Tropicals’ two valley locales feature topiaries, arbors, fountains and in-bloom flowering plants.

Red Butte Garden’s Orangerie flaunts uplit trees and trellises and boasts views of the Wasatch Mountains on one side and Salt Lake City on the other. La Caille’s French garden arboretum overflows with lush greenery, fountains and an oversized crystal chandelier. 

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