Delicate Flower and Cake Duos for your Wedding

Your wedding is made of little details hand-picked to match your personality and love story, and nowhere is this more apparent than in wedding cakes and flowers. As the centerpieces of your celebration, vibrant floral arrangements and sweet delicacies deserve an extra dash of charm, and they definitely need to find cohesion. To help you find the perfect flower and cake duo, we’ve enlisted the wedding industry’s most trusted professionals to offer a little inspiration. In hues ranging from vibrant to subdued, über-creative event chefs and artisan florists create wedding dessert displays that are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Wedding Flower and Cake Duo

Flowers by Gather Floral, Provo. Photography by Heather Nan.

The showy petals of Icelandic poppies in this beautifully free-form floral centerpiece (above) are repeated in a delicate sugar-flower scatter upon the tallest in a series of mini-cakes. Buttercream flowers and a sugar ruffle adorn the second and third cakes of the trio. The floral arrangement’s pastel and leafy palette is rounded out with butterfly ranunculus, caramel antike roses, limelight hydrangeas, white dahlias, scabiosa, blushing bride protea, astilbe, hellebore, a variety of eucalyptus and wild clematis foraged from Provo Canyon.  

Wedding Flower and Cake Duo

Cakes by Flour & Flourish, SLC. Photography by Heather Nan.

“I always try to include something foraged from the canyons both near where I live in Provo or from Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons in all of my arrangements.” —Sydnee Lund, Gather Floral

Sugar flowers take any wedding cake to the next level, learn how Flour & Flourish uses them to wow her clients here!

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