Candy Crush: Color Blocking Wedding Design Inspiration

We Utahns are famous for a sweet tooth. The state’s refined taste for sugar has made national celebrities of bakers—Sweet Tooth Fairy, One Sweet Slice and The Mighty Baker—all winners in various TV baking competitions, all from Utah. Utah’s party scene featured candy buffets before they were cool and is currently creating a soda fountain revolution.

Cavity jokes aside, wedding stylist Allison Baddley of Le Fete says candy is more than corn syrup and sugar. It’s a, dare we say, sweet inspiration for a wedding. “Wedding inspiration can come from anywhere. With
so much neutrality the past few years, wedding design is begging for color and pattern,” she says.

If you are ready to party with colors aplenty, Baddley and her photographer friend Heather Nan shed new light on wedding design with four sugary-sweet patterns—bold stripes, iridescent waves, geometric kaleidoscope and monochromatic color blocking.


Let’s talk about thrilling wedding design. With a nod to mod fashion, color blocking gets a zesty redo. This bold pattern adorns cakes and paper suites with splashes of color perfect for any crowd that’s ready to party.

Surround pattern with solid, neutral color

Photo by Heather Nan

Pippa Cakery bakes a white chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, then decorates the pastry with a handful of candied brushstrokes. Tinge Floral presents their signature loose bouquets using marigolds and garden roses. Gold-and-white accessories plus chic yellow chairs from Glass House deliver grownup glamour to the scene.

Photo by Heather Nan

Ring in the sunshine

Photo by Heather Nan

Sunny golden hues are all the rage. A lemony radiant-cut diamond ring shines bright, plus its horizontal orientation makes this O.C. Tanner Jewelers’ ring a pure original. The addition of bourbon-cream soda lollipops and citrus fruit slices from Maison Confiserie et Boutique makes any wedding party sparkle and shine.

Photo by Heather Nan

Send fresh paper

Photo by Heather Nan

Invitations from The Write Image inspire fun in the sun by using bold splashes of zesty hues of oranges, lemons and grapefruit hues. Postage stamps of pink-hued fruits and a lively script font on the envelopes add punch.

Spoil tastebuds

Photo by Heather Nan

Proposing a bubbly finale, Cuisine Unlimited suggests lemon-curd meringue nests and grapefruit rosé spritzers for dessert. For the white chocolate cake topped with buttercream frosting, Pippa Cakery paints citrus-hued brushstrokes.

Photo by Heather Nan

Turn up the texture

Photo by Heather Nan

Nubby blooms and fine beading add texture and intrigue. Tinge Floral breaks up an all-rose bouquet using merry marigolds. Hindus believe the vibrant saffron-colored blooms foretell a favorable future. Complete the look with Bitsy Bridal’s modified-mermaid-cut gown ($2,970) with Marrakesh beading, spaghetti straps and notched neckline.

Utah Wedding Vendors

Photography: Heather Nan

Styling: La Fête

Paper: Ink & Press Co.

Flowers: Sage Floral

Gown: Bitsy Bridal

Hair and makeup: Janelle Ingram

Desserts and shakes: Cuisine Unlimited

Model: Abigail Johnsen

Linens: La Tavola

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