Wedding Cake Trends: Gourmet Cakes by Soccoro

Daniela Iraheta


What were seeing a lot of is texture. More buttercream frosting cakes. There’s a lot of fun with texture. WE’er seeing a lot more.


Boldness, straight edges or bold colors are pretty big right now.


Gold metallic foil: WE use edible gold leafs include them into the buttercream or fondant.


Urban cakes with a concrete look.


The biggest thing that our customers are loving is texture whether fondant or buttercream. Jasmine Rae workshop.


Workshops: Mother daughter owned business, trending. Online classes as well. Went to France and took amorde cake and rymond. Culinary arts school in France, chatted with the choclatiere. Socorro Meredith, mother’s name.


Used to have a travel agency has traveled around the world. She’s a painter amongst other things. She gets the inspiration from her travels.


WE’re seeing art combined in cakes – cakes inspired by Monet.


Used to see the three tier cakes but it’s changing now.


Australia, Don’t Tell Charles. Russia are big for cakes. Mirror Glaze mousse cakes and we’re working with stuff like that.




Naked cake – Scantilly Clad

Geometric cakes


Move the designs and putting our foots into the new trends with new textures, bold flowers as well big within the cake.

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