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360 West Broadway, Suite 101 |  Salt Lake City | 801.363.3688

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Contact Latter Day Bride for more information about date availability and pricing information.

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[vc_wp_text 0=””]At LatterDayBride, we celebrate the journey that brought you where you are and made you who you are—and now, as you plan your biggest and brightest day, we’re here to help those personal dreams come true. Let’s create something that feels unapologetically you, in every stitch. Because you deserve nothing less. It takes an understanding of just how many different tastes, modesty preferences, budgets, and styles there are out there— because there’s nothing more personal than a wedding dress.[/vc_wp_text]

“I would have to say this is hands down the best place. My experience was mesmerizing. My stylist treated me like a queen and new exactly what I was looking for in a dress. The place had a variety of dresses to choose from, and they didn’t give pressure me to buy the dress…. If you ladies want to be saved, go to LatterDayBride. They had an amazing price, they make sure you can picture what the dress will looked like and work with your budget.” -Keyla