Utah-Made Wedding Favors

Christy Bishop of Park City-based Lemongrass & Co. masters the art of bridal gift-giving.

Do yourself a favor and avoid gift-giving anxiety. Did I spend enough? Will she like it? Will I offend her? How can I ever repay her for all she’s done? Amidst the tornado of wedding planning, it’s easy to be stumped for gift ideas, but Christy Bishop of Lemongrass & Co. shows how to perfect the craft by using careful planning, developing thoughtful themes and executing hands-on details.

“My gifts are completely custom-designed for my clients. I craft them based on their personal preferences and color palettes,” says Bishop. She curates boutique products—like trendy jewelry, ring dishes and body oils—and artfully arranges collections inside artisanal boxes or baskets. To finish off the presentation, Bishop can add fresh blooms and calligraphy-embellished tags, “Quality and detail are essential with each gift,” Bishop says.


For the Maids

Will you be my bridesmaid?  She won’t say no to a necklace, candle, matches, shortbread cookie and nail polish. $55

For the Maid of Honor

Give her a favorite scent like

Joe Malone along with a scarf, ring dish, candle, matches and shortbread cookies. $175

For the Out-of-Town Guests

Say, “Enjoy your stay!” Spa essentials come in a crochet basket that folds flat—fitting comfortably into luggage upon their return home. $80

For the Moms

Thank the moms with a bundled bubble bath, lotion, candle, eye pillow, lavender pillowcase insert and shortbread cookies. $167

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