Entertainment Made Easy: Advice From Utah Live Bands

The prospect of having entertainment at your wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. Relax. As Michael Tobian, CEO and Owner of Utah Live Bands explains, if you plan this part of your event right, you’ll feel comfortable knowing the entertainment at your party will be fantastic.


Without hearing entertainment live, it is difficult to know exactly what you are going to get. A great wedding band will have: 

Glowing references from planners, vendors and former customers. 

2. Multiple promo videos. Look for two types: live and produced. 

3. Experience performing at weddings.

“Bands that specialize in playing in bars and casual settings will allow too much time in between songs, and your dance floor will clear out. They will probably be less skilled musicians and they will approach the evening too casually. An experienced, professional wedding band will dress and act appropriately,” explains Tobian. “They will know how to follow a timeline and will move quickly between songs and contribute in a positive way to your evening.”

Reception Band: Groove Merchants. Photo by Pepper Nix Photography.


Pick the important songs and then trust your performers. An experienced wedding band will want your input so they can customize their set list to your preferences. But Tobian warns not to micromanage your band. Flexibility ensures a smooth evening.


Ask the band to shorten your first dance to about one-and-a-half minutes unless you are having guests join in midway through the dance or you have a choreographed dance prepared. A full three-minute song can feel like an eternity when all eyes are on you.


A great wedding band, like those at Utah Live Bands, will keep people dancing by paying attention to what is happening on the dance floor. If the dancers look sparse, they will adjust what they are playing to mix things up. “If the dance floor was packed all night, I know we did our job,” Tobian says.

Keep in mind the type of band you have hired. “If you have hired a jazz big band, that kind of music isn’t designed for the same kind of dancing that a high-energy, bass-thumping party band is, and a country band might encourage line dancing,” explains Tobian. “A party band will be the highest energy option and is the most likely to get your guests to kick off their shoes and go nuts.”

Opening Image: The High Society Party Band. Photo by Pepper Nix.

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