Bohemian Love In Utah’s Sand Dunes

“Every couple has something special about them, I always try and capture their feels.” – Tressa Photography

Photographers Tressa Roberts and bride Katherine Fraley produced on several fashion shoots together and they always dreamed of shooting at the Utah Sand Dunes. “We always thought it’d be the perfect place to show a love story with a bohemian twist.”

 Most shoots take place early in the day to take advantage of the soft morning light or around sunset to capture the warm hues of the evening. Despite the difficult access—an hour and half drive to the Sand Dunes—the duo persisted in order to get a sunrise shot of couple Katherine and Aaron.

Sure,  preparing for a shoot with poses and moments to capture are important, but Thomas recommends being open and ready to capture the raw moments that happen between a couple. “There’s something fun and silly that happens when two people love each other,” she says. “The way they look into each others eyes, or just their little quicks they have when they’re together.”

These sand dunes may be a perfect location for a bohemian-themed look, but with all that open pristine landscape comes a lot of 4-wheelers. “Because they’re dunes, you can’t see over them,” Thomas says. “We’d be shooting and hear loud engines revving in all directions. I kept having the thought that at any moment a 4-wheeler would come right over one of the dunes and run us over.”

Aaron and Kathrine Fraley met on their LDS mission to the French Caribbean. When they returned, they continued their friendship. “As we were texting one day he asked me if I wanted to go to the Lantern Festival, I said yes of course,” Kathrine says. “When our friends asked Aaron about this date, he looked at them confused, It’s not a date, we’re all going.’”

Finally, their mutual friends convince him to take her out on a date…alone. “We ended up going to the local county fair instead and had the best time of our lives. He was smitten,” Kathrine describes. That night, the couple enjoyed the evening together, laughing, and “spending way too much money on fair games.”  Now married, the two of them still love laughing and looking back on those fun memories.

Photographer: Tressa Photography
Suit: Topman
Headpiece: Danani Handmade
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