2018 Wedding Trend Alert: Vintage Trailers

2018 wedding trend alert: Vintage trailers are a thing.

This year, we have been spotting mobile trailers and campers at many of our favorite outdoor receptions. With warmer weather just around the corner, trailers are becoming the go-to option for many couples looking for a way to incorporate vintage glam into their special day.

Because of their retro look, these trailers and campers are becoming increasingly popular. They provide a great photo opportunity for everyone to enjoy. These trailers are also great because they can be more than a trendy photo booth. They can be mobile bars, hip lounge spaces, food trucks, and even DJ Booths.

Photo Credit: Retro Rentals

Retro Rentals, a vintage trailer rental service, brings instant elegance and sophistication to any event with their vintage trailers. Their trailer and camper models blend gorgeous design details and craftsmanship with sensible features to fit the style and needs of any wedding reception.

“They’re small and mobile, which makes it easier for them to fit into your event whether it is at a park, reception hall, or your parent’s backyard,” said Melanie of Retro Rentals. “Our vintage trailers bring such a unique aspect to receptions because they can create a more intimate flow to weddings and get the party going.”

Photo Credit: Retro Rentals

Vintage trailers and campers are a great and easy way to make a statement at an outdoor reception. Not only do they exude an hip, effortless style, they can be as flashy or understated as a couple wants. The trailers available at Retro Rentals allow endless options to personalize your big day.

Are you looking for the perfect vintage trailer for your wedding reception or engagement party? Retro Rentals have several available models to fit your party’s needs. Check out their website for more details.

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