Wedding Spirits: Advice from Top Shelf Services

Cold and refreshing orange punch cocktail with orange slice on color background. summer drink.

“Cocktail hour is all about bringing people together,” says Casey Metzger, founder of Top Shelf Services. According to Metzger, the key to creating camaraderie is giving your guests something they share in common, which is where thoughtfully personalized beverages become the stars of the show.


“First thing’s first, consider the journey you’ve been on as a couple and work backwards from there,” Metzger says. “Where did you meet? What vacations have you been on? What’s your favorite thing to do as a pair?” Answering these questions and getting to know your bartenders will help them create your meaningful, authentic cocktail combinations. Because this process can be lengthy, Metzger offers his clients their own wedding workbook. “Couples can take this notebook with them when they go out to the bar and jot down aspects of the experience they enjoy. Then, we can use that information to create cocktails that compile their absolute favorite flavor profiles.”


“The key is hiring bartenders with the chops to get beverages flying off the shelves,” explains Metzger. “When it comes to cocktail hour, a couples’ number one concern is that the ceremony is going to end and their guests are going to swarm the bar only to wait around empty-handed.” Promptly delivering drinks with flavors that will turn heads is essential to a remarkable guest experience. “That’s where the hours of prep work we do behind the scenes really come in handy. We’re ready to get the couple’s signature drinks in the hands of each and every attendee the moment the bride and groom exit the altar.”


From the glassware to the garnish to each cocktail’s clever name, your bar service offers limitless opportunities to put your signature on the event and leave guests reminiscing about the evening for years to come. “My advice is to enjoy the process,” says Metzger. “This is your opportunity to offer your family and friends an unforgettable evening. At the end of the day, they’re all there to celebrate you. The more personalized, the better.”

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