The Ultimate Guide to Inspire Your Veil Ideas

You’ve got the love, you’ve got the gown: now it’s time for accessories. From the short and sweet blusher to a show-stopping cathedral veil (and every luxurious length in between), let this bridal veil guide be your blueprint to sorting through your veil ideas and building your perfect wedding day ensemble. In a world of fleeting trends, veils remain timeless symbols of romance and femininity.

Veil Lengths

It may surprise you to learn that the bridal veil is not by any means a one-size-fits-all decision. Most bridal shops offer up to nine different lengths, each appropriate for different wedding themes and gown styles. Which is the best fit for you? First, let’s look at an overview, courtesy of Boda Bridal.

“Veils are more than just tradition, they’re about transformation. Veils give a certain je ne se quois to bridal looks; they bridge the gap between just wearing a wedding dress and feeling like a whole bride,” says the Boda Bridal team.



Whether you’re going for full vintage flair or just want the romantic veil-lifting moment included in your ceremony, add a birdcage veil or a blusher to your veil ideas roundup. A blusher is a shorter layer of fabric added to an existing veil, intended to float over the bride’s face before her vows, while a birdcage is a chin-length veil that can cover just the bride’s eyes on the day-of. Hello, retro-chic!


Like the blusher, the shoulder-length veil is the perfect way to add a bit of old-school style and visual interest to your bridal look, especially when jazzing up an elegant bun. A shorter veil is also a great option for the bride who wants the veil experience, but doesn’t want to cover any detail her gown may be showing off in back.


Offering a touch of elegance and a bit more arm coverage for chilly mornings, an elbow length veil looks great with simple sheath gowns of all styles.


Fingertip veils are perfect for accentuating waistline details – if you’re a corset gown gal, get the most silhouette bang for your buck with this length! The fingertip length is also great in a simple tulle design, for brides who want the drama but still want their gown design to be seen.


Drama and pizzaz without the weigh-down. What could be better? Keep your high style without the maintenance of longer styles.


A lesser-known option, the waltz veil offers the bride a chance to have the ceremony elegance and formality she craves, without having to worry about bustling and hindered movement when it comes to reception time.


veil ideas knee length

Full-length fabric to match your gown’s hemline, the floor gown enters the full-drama category with ease. Long veils are ideal for any style, but especially for brides wearing sheath or other sleek styles, and want to add more volume to their look.


chapel length veil ideas

Did you find the perfect gown design, only to be disappointed to learn it doesn’t have the train you’ve dreamed of? Enter the chapel veil. Extending a few inches beyond the hemline, a chapel veil can give your ceremony entrance the trailing train moment in a beautiful illusion while also saving you from bustling later on.


Regal. Dramatic. Show-Stopping. The cathedral veil length is the go-to selection for the princess bride. Add all your elegant visions in to a simple gown style, or go all-in on a ballgown with a veil that extends far beyond the end of your train for bridal beauty that just keeps on going.


While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a classic tulle veil, the options for a totally unique look are endless. “Veils aren’t just about lengths – they’re canvases for your vision. Choose from options such as, Pearls, 3D Appliques, Lace, Glitter, Colors, Layers, Sequins, Embroidery, Pleats & more,” encourages Boda’s designers.


One of the most common designs brides choose for their veil is an embroidered or textured edge, delivering visual interest to the hemline of a simple gown or even just for a bit of extra flair. Quick, add edgy drama to your veil ideas Pinterest board!


Whether it be through beading, glorious shiny texture, or bedazzled pearls and other gems, allow yourself the luxury of sparkle on the big day.


Bring on the lace! Hand-sewn appliqués take basic veils from template to full of personality. While most varieties include florals, beautiful designs such as birds, bows and beyond can make your accessory all your own.


Who says all must be ivory on your wedding day? Include options pops of color in your list of veil ideas for a whimsical touch to your ensemble.

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