the Bachelorette Party

For centuries before a wedding the groom has been celebrated. Bachelor parties began with the spartans, but bachelorette parties were nowhere to be found. It wasn’t until the 1960s and the rise of feminism that women realized, WE DESERVE TO PARTY TOO! Now a time honored tradition—bachelorette parties—can be anything from the wild nights we see in movies to a quiet night in.

This brings us to you. You offered to plan the bachelorette party, the bride’s last night of freedom. But… now what? Have no fear, we are here to help with some steps to guide and inspire the perfect night for the bride and her girls.

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First thing’s first, the theme. Think of the bride here, is it going to be a ‘glamping’ getaway (Conestoga Ranch), a wild night on the town (hit up Downtown SLC or Park city), a spa day (Basalt Day Spa) or a night in? Some themes can be as basic as the bride’s favorite color or era (vintage, hippies, sixties). Before you get anything planned from here make sure you talk to the bride and know what she wants and is comfortable with—a little blushing can be fun but all out risqué isn’t for everyone.

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Next comes the style, will you have a color scheme or dress code? A little guidance can be nice, but make sure everyone can still wear what they are comfortable in (some cute stores: Apt. 202, Unhinged, The Stocklist and White Elephant). Having something matching like shirts, socks or bags can make for some fun pictures and to get some fun attention if you decide to go out (design some at Bridal Party Tees or check out Etsy).

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Pre-gaming; this sets the mood for the whole night so make sure you have fun! Get the girls ready together. Have a good collection of treats (theme appropriate of course) and some yummy drinks to get the party started. While you’re doing each other’s makeup and hair or sipping on something fruity, don’t forget to play some good music (our favorites include: P.Y.T. by DJ John Gibbons, Run the World by Beyonce and Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper).

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Where to Go and What to Do

Where you go and what you do really depend on the theme you chose. The options are endless, play some party games at home or make it a relaxing oasis for a spa day, take a pole dancing class at La Bombe SLC, go to Wiseguys Comedy Club to laugh all night or hit some bars and clubs (Bourbon, Twist, and Sky SLC are some ideas).

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How to End the Night

After a whole day or night of fun the group is bound to be exhausted. This is where you can decide to part ways or have an old fashioned slumber party. End the night cuddled together reliving old memories and talking about the new ones you just made. The Bride’s last hurrah is sure to be her dream come true as long as she’s with her girls.

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