The Art of Celebrating: Artful Wedding-Day Additions

From the first save-the-date card to memorializing the final memories, turn to fine art-inclined venues and vendors to transform your wedding aesthetic into something gallery-worthy. 


If first impressions are the most important, then your invitation suite is the prime opportunity to introduce your guests to your personal wedding style. Christy Townsend—owner and lead designer of The Paper Vow (—creates luxurious, hand-painted custom stationery suites with the high-end couple in mind. 

“Couples today think deeply about their invitations and how they can kick off their full wedding experience with that first perception,” Townsend says. “It’s all about their personal vibe, and the invitation is the perfect place to introduce what kind of mood your wedding will have.” 

And this custom suite (above) sings of “rustic luxury.” Bespoke watercolors grace envelope liners and save-the-date cards, capturing Utah’s Carriage House venue and its surrounding landscape in artful splendor. Watercolor by Joelle Hanton Art. The Paper Vow can also include painted details from the day’s decor, portraits of pets and personalized monograms to be displayed on paper elements throughout the event­—from menus to beverage garnishes. 

The curation doesn’t have to stop there— Townsend’s attention to detail turns the full package into a work of art. When taking your suite from basic to luxury, paper becomes a medium all its own. 

“A handmade paper with deckled edging, foil press or rich textures immediately elevates your invitation,” she says. 

From there, it’s time to pile on the layers. Silk ribbons, blind-embossed typography, wax seals and more deliver the splendid, old-world flourish that your wedding craves. 

EDIT NOTE: This article originally mentioned Sundance Resort. Carriage House is an independent venue, and is not associated wit the Sundance Brand.


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Bailey Moser of Painting with Bailey  ( captures your most cherished moments like you’ve never experienced. What began as a passion for acrylic landscape painting has launched her into a unique business providing couples with artistic, one-of-a-kind mementos of their wedding days. 


Moser’s services include two forms of artwork: studio painting and live painting. 

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Moser’s studio paintings happen after her clients’ wedding days. For these pieces, she takes photo and video references from your event and creatively translates them on canvas after the celebration. These paintings are ideal for anniversary gifts or capturing intimate elopements. They also provide a unique opportunity to include any VIPs who couldn’t attend the wedding, whether they be a pet left at home or a late family member. 

For a one-of-a-kind experience on the wedding day, Moser can also paint your memories in real-time, capturing whatever special moment you choose. 

“My favorite moment to capture is the ceremony exit,” Moser says. “Many couples pick the timeless and emotional ‘first kiss,’ but I love the movement and joy that can be captured in a painting of the ceremony exit. The dress will be flowing, and you can see the couple’s full faces.” 

Although Moser’s work serves as a sophisticated preservation of the wedding day, her service also brings a level of cultured entertainment to the day’s turn of events. 

“There are some slower spots in every wedding timeline, including cocktail hour or the moments right before ceremony seating begins,” says Moser. “In these moments, the entertainment aspect plays a big part—guests now have a more elevated experience. They have something to gather around to fill that space.” 

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