Bridal Beauty: Tame that Mane

Hair and makeup by April Benincosa |  Photos by D’Arcy Benincosa

Sister team—photographer D’Arcy Benincosa and hair and makeup artist April Benincosa—runs Salt Lake’s City Style Bar for on-the-go gals needing blowouts, updos, waxing and makeup. The world-traveling women have seen their share of style in fashion-forward cities like Paris, Scotland and Tokyo and, luckily for us, bring their expertise to Utah brides seeking chic, elegant, romantic big-day looks. Up or down, side swept or straight, find a look that’s uniquely you.

Add Nature

Nowadays, florals go beyond the bouquet. “One of the best trends over the last three years is hair artists tying the wedding day theme to hair and makeup. Taking blooms from your bouquet and working them into your hair brings cohesion to your entire wedding look,” says D’Arcy Benincosa. Take note: Desert heat zaps blooms fast, so have a bridesmaid remind you to swap out the blooms midway through the day.

Harness Your Inner Queen Bee

Bridal crowns became the new veil years ago, but practical brides soon discovered the Pinterest-gorgeous wreaths were often bulky and juvenile. “A favorite natural look of mine is tying blooms together to create understated flower crowns. Most high-fashion brides are finding that a big flower crown that circles the entire head is often too much for the big day,” D’Arcy says. “Try adding subtle hints, like a few fall leaves on the side of your bun, or a little vine twisted through a braid rather than huge roses placed all around your head. The larger crowns are going out of style, but the subtle hints of nature are truly a classic look to last through the ages.”

Bulk up

It’s taken some time, but women have finally embraced hair extensions as a part of our beauty culture. “With all the dyeing, cutting and teasing our hair goes through, it’s definitely hard to grow it long and luxurious,” D’Arcy explains.

“Luckily, today’s variety of hair extensions offer easy, affordable options and they can look incredibly natural. We rent Laced Hair Extensions for the day of your wedding, but you can also buy your own set from us starting around $300. These extensions are made from real hair, and we recommend getting them dyed to match your current color,” says the light blonde photographer who found extensions that match her own locks without the tedious dyeing.

“If you’re planning on wearing them often, we suggest bringing them into the salon or taking them to your own hair dresser so they can cut and layer them to blend in with your own locks. Please make sure your stylist is familiar with cutting extensions, otherwise they could cut them too short and you would waste your money. The extensions will give you that full, luxurious look you’re wanting on your wedding day.”

Take notes from your favorite celeb crush


Worried about looking too on-trend in your wedding photos years from now? “Look at what your preferences have been over the years, not only since you’ve been engaged,” says Benincosa. Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe brought on the classic set curls of the ‘50s. Meanwhile, Cindy Crawford’s ‘80s-inspired beach waves. “Some of the most classic looks we see are Kate Middleton and Nicole Kidman’s loose curls, Grace Kelly and Carolyn Bassett’s low buns and Jessica Biel and Gwen Stefani’s large chignons.”

Hire Wedding-Specific Stylists Who Use Quality Products

Wedding-day beauty requires an expert who knows what hair and makeup will last through the day. “A well-versed makeup artist will make sure you look your most lovely and will have high-end products that won’t melt off during the day. While getting a mid-day makeup touch up is recommended, educate yourself on supreme products,” Benincosa suggests. “Ask your makeup artist what line of cosmetics she uses, what kind of finishing spray and powder, and if she will prime your lips, eyes and face. All of these need different primers, by the way.

We love Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. Avoid the cheaper brands on your wedding day. The same holds true for hair. Make sure to look through the portfolio of images from the first to the last moment of the wedding day to see how the style has held up.” 

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