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Words can’t describe it. In memory, it’s a colorful blur. You have to be there or see the pictures to understand the vivid colors, joyful crowds, glittering traditions and rambunctious music of an Indian wedding.
Do you need help finding the perfect vendors for your perfect day? This weekend the Utah LGBT news and entertainment magazine is presenting the Utah Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expo Sunday, April 2nd in downtown Salt Lake City. This expo is set to help same-sex couples find willing vendors for their weddings. Feel comfortable with your choice in vendor and stress less.    "We've...
With characteristic creativity, photographer Lindsey Shaun and designer Amber Dickson style a relaxed and festive dinner party based, surprisingly, on a palette of black.
After the surprise proposal, Katelin and Tony set their sights on a Southern Utah wedding.
Grey Giraffe Photography is Whitney and Alan Wilbur. Their married. They have three boys. And they get no sleep. Whitney and Alan love to collaborate with unique, soulful folks who are as excited as them about making great photographs. Their mission for photography is create authentic images for each client. Since Grey Giraffe launched in 2010, they have been lucky...
Valentine's Day may be over, but we've rounded up the best -- and most creative -- Valentine-inspired posts from the weekend.

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Offer wedding-day thanks to guys, gals, mom and dads with outdoor-inspired gifts from Utah companies.