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Gold Rush

As mountain hues switched from fall to winter, Californians Erin and Brandon married in the candlelit comfort of a slope-side ski lodge.
Our food experts here at Utah Bride & Groom magazine, have teamed up with a local caterers to bring you the tastiest sweet and savory food trends for 2018.
With so many options out there for planning your wedding, it's easy to get lost in a Pinterest menagerie of fonts, flowers and fondue fountains all leading to dead links and an #epicweddingfail. We're here to help. Not only do UB&G's guides showcase the products and the prettiness, we also present WHO is behind Utah's picture-perfect weddings
"We met in junior high. He sat in the front row in our history class. I thought he was too outspoken. He was the guy who would yell something ridiculous before an assembly, but he was so funny!" "Eventually, we became friends. I gave him my phone number and he would call me and I would always miss it. I was...
Shae and Sam met at a karaoke night their freshman year at Utah State University. They dated for a few months before Sam left on an LDS mission. Shae, too, went on a mission, but the couple reunited “right where we left off,” Shae says.
Love quotes for your wedding invitations and programs.
Before moving to Utah, Christina and Ryan planned their wedding from Chicago. “I had always dreamed of a late-fall or early-winter wedding, but in Chicago, that meant it would be have to be indoors,” Christina says. “I had fallen in love with the mountains on our previous trips to Utah.”
Words can’t describe it. In memory, it’s a colorful blur. You have to be there or see the pictures to understand the vivid colors, joyful crowds, glittering traditions and rambunctious music of an Indian wedding.
Our Spring 2016 Real Weddings issue features work from some of the best in Utah, including Kate Osborne, Soil & Stem and Gatherist.