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American Meghan Markel is the new ‘It’ girl. She’s got brains, talent, style and a daily health routine we can all lunge for. The royal wedding is merely months away and brides alike want her fashion-forward look and her fantastically fit body.
Believe it or not, your body hears everything your mind says.
Who doesn't love to feel smokin' hot in their workout clothes?
Prepping for your big day? Don't forget about fitness
It's time to bend your way into shape
I'm always on the hunt for cute workout clothes. Especially because it's now more acceptable than ever to wear your yoga pants and fitness tanks to the gym, the mall, the post office, and everywhere in between. I find myself opting for leggings and workout jackets twice as often as jeans and sweaters. Airabella Active helps me sweat in style. I...