Sweeter Than Your Honey

Mix it or sip it,

light or dark, rum is the new darling of Utah’s party scene. The liquor—defined by its sugarcane base and Caribbean origins—is synonymous with tropical warmth. However, its easy compatibility makes it suitable for any soiree, big or small, at anytime of year. “Serve up a classic fruity Piña Colada or Mai Tai in the summer to quench thirst,” says Jack Rose Caravan co-owner and bartender Mike Burns. “Then, deliver buttered rum and spiced rums for the holiday season.”

The Jack Rose Caravan team pumps up the party fun meter. Not only do they serve up bevvies from a renovated, original 1960s Shasta trailer (talk about a photo op!), their entertaining bartenders craft rum-based cocktails custom to every party. The team suggests his-and-hers cocktails: a Strawberry Kiwi Mojito for her and a coconut rum and Coke for him. For extra sass and personality, they pair each drink to its own glass. “We serve dark rum in a lowball,” Mike explains. “A fruity cocktail is more commonly served in a tall straight glass or one that is curved, like a hurricane glass.” Garnishes for rum cocktails, of course, are famous. And we’re not just talking about tiny tiki-bar umbrellas. Match the drink garnishes with the wedding décor or perch one of the wedding flowers on the side of a glass. (Tip: Be sure all flowers are food safe.)

What rum does Jack Rose prefer? “We don’t have a favorite. We let our clients decide. All our events are custom and unique, so we personalize each event and the drinks to enhance the Jack Rose Caravan experience,” Mike says. Lucky for us, Utah is home to a handful of new rum distilleries. Try Dented Brick’s Antelope Island Rum, Sugar House’s Silver or Gold Rum, Outlaw Distillery’s Rum and Distillery 36’s Brigham Rum.

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