Get Ready to Strike a Pose with Sideshow Vintage Photo Booth

Thinking about renting a photo booth for your wedding day?

Here at Utah Bride & Groom, some of our favorite wedding memories have come from the photos we’ve taken in photo booths. Photo booths are a versatile way to add personality and entertainment to any wedding. From DIY to rentals, there are plenty of options out there to make it seem like an overwhelming part of wedding planning. We met with Pamela Godwin from Sideshow Vintage Photo Booth to talk about their pride and joy, Lucille, and advice for couples considering a photo booth. Here’s what she had to say.


Tell us a little more about Sideshow Vintage Photo Booth and Lucille, of course

“Lucille is a 1956 canned-ham camper and the star of Sideshow Vintage Photo Booth Company. Named after the I Love Lucy star, she is as glamorous on the outside, as she is hilariously fun on the inside. Not only does she fit right in at weddings, she’s great at any other swanky event.”

“She’s also roomy! An entire wedding party can easily fit inside and you won’t find any boring paper props, either. Sideshow is all about giving wedding guests a truly unique experience. Although Lucille is a photo booth, a better modifier might be ‘portrait studio’. We capture the heart and the abstract quality of each person who sits down in Lucille. That’s when a photograph stops being a picture and transforms into art.”

How does Lucille work?

“Lucille is not an automated experience. She’s personal and customized to fit your special day! The bride and groom can either hand pick their props from our large selection or let us choose for them. On your big day, our attendants will be there to assist guests every step of the way. Instead of the traditional photo booth picture strips, we give each guest a 6X8 print to take home as their wedding favor. Digital images are made available on our website to download for free as well.”

Photo Credit: Sideshow Vintage Photo Booth

Why should a couple rent a photo booth for their wedding?

“Photo booths offer a lot of bang for your buck! They provide entertainment for your wedding guests as well as a special gift they can take with them to remember your day.  Plus, if you choose a company that offers digital copies in addition to prints, it serves as a visual guest book, too.  There’s something really special about an album of all of your closest family and friends having a blast at your wedding.”

What is the best way for couples to personalize a photo booth for their big day?

“Start by choosing a photo booth that fits your personality. Think to yourselves: Are we more traditional or unique? Do we prefer vintage or modern? Then choose props that fits your theme and that your guests will have fun with.”

“Make sure your photo booth rental has options to include your names and wedding date on each of the prints. Adding a logo or text on them are a great way to personalize your guests’ keepsakes.”

Photo Credit: Sideshow Vintage Photo Booth

Do you have any advice on incorporating a photo booth into a wedding reception?

“It’s great if you can position the photo booth adjacent to the dance floor, but this isn’t always an option at event venues. If there is only room for it in a hallway or outside the venue, make sure you have plenty of directional signs indicating how to find it.  Ask the band, DJ, or whoever oversees making announcements to explain where the photo booth is located, announce when it opens, and give your guests warning before it closes.”

“Most guests love taking photos, especially if they’re not too keen on dancing. But those who are reluctant usually are persuaded if they see other people trying it out first. Lucille has a TV monitor outside so people can see what’s happening live inside the photo booth. It’s just another way to create entertainment for your guests and encourage them to take a turn!”

Do you have any advice for couples shopping for a photo booth rental?

“Not all photo booths are created equal! Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when you look at pricing. Make sure to ask the following: Can they set up without disturbing the ceremony? How long will they be there? How many attendants will there be to interact with guests? What do the prints look like? Can they include your names on the prints? Are digital copies included? Can guests easily access the digital copies? Are the props customizable?”

“Decide what your priorities are for your photo booth and remember that the lowest price doesn’t necessarily equal the best experience. Ask for a contract that details exactly what you are getting when you put down your deposit. Don’t forget to ask for references because a rude attendant can ruin your reception for your guests!”

Photo Credit: Sideshow Vintage Photo Booth

Any fun photo booth tips that you can share with us?

“If your grandparents or other special older relatives are attending your wedding, try to set aside time to take a photo with them in the booth.  It makes for a funny, sweet memory.”


Are you looking for the perfect photo booth for your wedding reception or engagement party? Sideshow Vintage Photo Booth is a versatile option to fit your party’s needs. Check out their website for more details.



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