Simply Glam

Glamour doesn’t have to mean opulent, ornate or over-the-top. Two pros offer tips for creating a chic arrangement that’s as simple as it is sensational. Photo by Pepper Nix.

Design can be simple using selected elements that create a ‘glam’ feel,” says Mara Marian of Fuse Weddings & Events, who worked with Shelly Huynh of Orchid Dynasty to create this elegant arrangement.

“We used varied blooms in a single hue and kept consistency with the vases rather than choosing much larger arrangements, flowers in various colors and embellished or assorted containers,” Marian explains. “Incorporation of mirrored elements or mixed metals, lush blooms and personal details always elevate a design,” she adds.

Huynh agrees. “Simple ways to introduce glam without overkill is to keep a consistent color, offer repetition or incorporate more premium-sized blooms. Opt for large soft blooms overflowing from the vessels and high-end containers with a unique finish, texture or pattern,” Huynh says. Her choice for fabulous flowers? “Luxurious blooms like peonies, garden roses, Japanese ranunculus, Holland bulbs and orchids are the key to contemporary floral art.”

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