Game Changers: Shred to Wed at Shred415

“C’mon now, you can do anything for 30 seconds!” Christopher Olsen shouts into his mobile mic over the sounds of dance-club beats and blasting fans. If you’re looking to crush your big-day fitness goals (and max out calories on your smartwatch), meet Shred415.

Olsen and his BFF-turned-business-partner Adria Swindle knew Shred415 was a perfect fit for Salt Lake. “We both love to travel and enjoy trying new fitness studios when we travel. When we took our first Shred415 class in Chicago, we were immediately sold and knew that we needed to bring this concept to the Salt Lake fitness community,” Swindle says.

Skull crushers, anyone? Every Shred415 workout incorporates 4 intervals of 15-minute rounds (hence, the “415”) between cardio on Woodway treadmills and strength exercises on “decks” that include burpees, hammer curls, jumping squats, up-downs, mountain climbers, skaters and so on. The Millcreek space is purposely small, but packs a punch as the lights go dim and the music pumps.

“Shred415 is more than a workout. We welcome and encourage people of all fitness levels. Lights are dimmed, music is loud and our certified instructors are there to motivate and help clients achieve their individual fitness goals,” Olsen says. “We also offer childcare, towel service and many more amenities to make your workout experience enjoyable.”

How to SHRED for the Big Day:

Shred to WEd is a program that brides and grooms can experience for the three months leading up t their wedding day. The program is $139 for each of the three months. “This is a great discount from our regular unlimited monthly membership,” Swindle explains. Brides and grooms can ‘shred’ as many times as they want before the big day.”

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