Celebration Makers: Serendipity Event Designers

There’s something about falling in love that makes magic come to life. Karla Edlinger, owner of Serendipity Event Designers, is a believer in magic, but it’s not her own love story that inspires her; it’s yours.

Edlinger has been working as a professional wedding planner and designer for more than a decade, and has the perfect spell for creating lasting memories.

Serendipity Event Designers

First, Edlinger and her team sit down with you as a couple, to chat about everything under the sun. They want to know you, feel you, and understand your story and dreams. Then comes the vision. Along with the usual suspects like venue and headcount, Serendipity Events encourages clients to think about what they want their day to look and feel like. Once she understands your fairy tale, Edlinger uses her decade of experience to tackle the details that make your event special.

“The environment we create together is the most important thing,” says Edlinger. “The things people will see and hear, touch and taste, matter.” Those sensory and emotional minutiae are what make Serendipity Weddings unforgettable.

Edlinger and her team only take two events per month, devoting their full attention to creating you an event that has soul, vision and memorable flair. Book Serendipity Events for a dose of magic on your wedding day.

Serendipity Event Designers
Owner Karla Edlinger.

“I believe that wedding planning and event design is a full collaboration process,” Edlinger says. “You invite me into your lives and dreams, and I craft them together into one perfect set of beautiful memories.”

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It’s time to level up the design and production of weddings in Utah. We didn’t come to this earth to play small, so I’m challenging myself to transform every moment into a magical experience. I believe that Utah brides deserve the best: they always have such a special light to them. This year, my goal is to create events that capture all the magic inside each bride that comes to Serendipity.


Another year of working in Utah’s wedding community. You need to know that I love what I do and with whom I do it. My job is to create extraordinary experiences. That’s why we surround your event with partners that love what they do as much as we do!


The key to perfected wedding details is a sensory approach: consider the colors, textures, sounds and smells that will bring your perfect wedding to life. These elements all meld together to create an immersive nuptial experience that can only be described as “utterly you.”

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