Salt Lake City Bar Makes Custom Cocktails for Your Wedding Day

Good Grammar owner and operator Fallan Keyser shares all about the local bar’s spacious patio, signature brews and custom-made cocktails.  


Tell us about Good Grammar.

“We’re a local bar and we’re located in the heart of Salt Lake City,  just downstairs from the Gallivan Center. We have a kitchen and a DJ every weekend. We pride ourselves on our craft cocktails and beer collection.”

What sets your bar apart from other craft cocktail bars in the area? 

“What sets us apart is that we’re a craft cocktail bar, with a laid-back atmosphere and personable bartenders. Good Grammar is a place where people can come have a nice cocktail and still have a lot of fun.” 


Is it true that Good Grammar will add a requested cocktail to the bar’s drink board for people who get married at the Gallivan Center?

“Yes. We have a lot of wedding parties come down after their ceremonies at the Gallivan Center. If couples call us in advance and let us know how many people are in their party, we can reserve off tables for them. Let us know what your favorite drink or ingredients are when you call and and we’ll put it on the board just for you.”

Are you able to create custom craft cocktails for wedding parties too? 

“Yes. We’ll create a custom drink for you, based on your favorite flavors and liquors. We’ll guide you through the process by asking you questions centered around what’s meaningful to you, be it a vacation or experience. If you two went on a trip to the beach, we can make a cocktail that’s a beach theme, sweet, fruity and fun.” 


How many people can you host? 

“We can host about 50 people. On Fridays and Saturdays, we open up the dance floor and have a live DJ. We also have a large patio area with various outdoor games like giant Jenga, and more.”


What’s your signature cocktail? 

“Our signature is a bourbon-based cocktail named The Hendrix.” 



How did you get your inspiration for the atmosphere of your bar and creative cocktail names? 

“The bar’s theme is based on pop-icon and  influential people. It’s walls are covered in them and that’s how we came up with the names of our cocktails. We researched what those iconic people mostly drank and designed a cocktail using that spirit. For example, Jimmy Hendrix’s go-to was bourbon, hence the Hendrix. I was inspired to use influential people when I started the bar. We brainstormed with our designer and she told me to write down a list of people that influenced or inspired me while I was growing up and then she along with our graphic designer created the wall.”

Tell us about your menu. 

“We change our menu seasonally and it’s typically geared towards what’s in season. Fresh cucumber, lighter cocktails and spritzers are featured in the spring, while we love serving margaritas in the summer. We use fresh juice and we carry a lot of local liquors and beer including Red Rock, Kiitos, Desert Edge, Uinta, and, new this year, Shades of Pale.” 

For more information about hosting your after-wedding-party at Good Grammar, visit their website

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